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Voter fraud, again!

James & Kenneth Collier: Votescam

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?


6/6/06 - "The Majority Report" - Tom Hartman Guest Host
Robert Kennedy Jr. Invterviewed on Vote Fraud....Wow!
Rolling Stone: Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?
Last 20 mimutes of program.

6/7/06 - The Radio Roads..... We are a Nation at Risk!

6/7/05 - The Radni Roads Show... Issues at Hand!

6/7/06 - The Randi Roads Show... Time to take the Golves off!
Intervew... Verification of Bush's Acts.... Hummm!!!!
Author of "Fooled Again"...Solutions to Vote Fraud.

6/7/06 - The Randi Roads... More... Voter Fraud
What we need to do!!!!
Interview: Brad... Voter Fraud... in San Diego... Re: Brads blog

-Lawyer Asks Boies to Explain Misrepresentation

Monday, Nov. 27, 2000

John B. Thompson, Attorney
1172 South Dixie Highway, Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146-2750
Phone: 305-666-4366
Fax: 305-666-7275

November 27, 2000

David Boies, Attorney
Boies, Schiller, and Flexner
5301 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. VIA FAX to 202-237-6131

Re: False Representation to Florida Supreme Court about
Illinois "Dimpled Chad" Case

Dear Mr. Boies:

It has come to my attention, and I am sure it has come to yours
as well, that you falsely characterized the court's ruling in the
Illinois "dimpled chad" case.

You told the Florida Supreme Court last week that that case
allowed the hand recounting of dimpled chads. Our state's high
court seemed impressed with that fact.

One problem, though. A big problem. The Illinois court ruled just
the opposite way, disallowing the counting of dimpled chads.
The affidavit you relied upon is false, and you now know that it is

You have a clear and mandatory duty immediately to inform the
Florida Supreme Court of your misrepresentation to the seven
Justices in this critical regard.

Any failure on your part is clearly subject to review and discipline
by the appropriate authorities because such a failure would
constitute an ethical breach on your part which compromises
justice and is prejudicial to the opposing parties.

You have until five o'clock p.m., Tuesday, November 28, 2000, to
inform me by fax at the above number that you have alerted the
Florida Supreme Court of your misrepresentation.

Best, John B. Thompson

Copy: Florida Supreme Court, Media

RFK Jr. on Stolen '04 Election, Key Excerpts, E-Vote Inquiry Sought Exclusive Palast Book Audio Steal Elections for $11.99/hour! DIEBOLD KNEW IN 2004, DID NOTHING Ann Coulter Voter Felony, Docs NEW DIEBOLD SECURITY HOLE! AZ SoS Hides Diebold Probs, Is Sued by Voters E-Vote Whistleblower in TX, OH! Clint Curtis Runs Against Feeney Coulter Posts BRAD BLOGGER'S Phone# Ney/Diebold/Abramoff Connection


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06/03/06 Bobby Kennedy Vote Fraud
Audio (10.8MB) 47Min 1 Sec

Vote Fraud Audio: (932K) 3Min 57Sec


Take Back Your Stolen Vote: "Votescam" Revisited

Links to Vote Fraud Websites & Info.

VoteGate Flash Movie 8.32MB

Voter fraud, again!


Vote counting system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Counting the votes amounts to merely reading of the counts on the individual counters of the ... Voters input their vote directly into a DRE voting machine. ...

Mikulski Working To Ensure Every Vote Counts
“The Count Every Vote Act” makes Election Day a federal holiday, requires states to count provisional ... “Every vote counts and every vote must be counted. ...

Contact My Washington Office
The Honorable Barbara A. Mikulski
Suite 503
Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-4654

Mikulski Working To Ensure Every Vote Counts
Legislation Would Reform Voting Standards and Machines by Next Federal Election in 2006

Washington, D.C. – Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD) has joined many of her Democratic colleagues, including Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA), in introducing comprehensive voting reform legislation. “The Count Every Vote Act” makes Election Day a federal holiday, requires states to count provisional ballots, allows citizens to register to vote on Election Day, and provides for a voter verified paper ballot for every vote cast electronically.

“It is imperative that we take every step to ensure the integrity of the vote in Maryland and across the nation,” said Senator Mikulski. “Every vote counts and every vote must be counted. This legislation will seek to end the voting irregularities that inundated the 2000 and 2004 elections and will help restore confidence in our electoral system.

“The Count Every Vote Act of 2005” is a comprehensive approach to solving problems in our voting process. It provides a voter verified paper ballot for every vote cast in electronic voting machines and ensures access to voter verification for all citizens, including language minority voters, illiterate voters and voters with disabilities. The bill mandates that this ballot be the official ballot for purposes of a recount. The bill sets a uniform standard for provisional ballots so that every qualified voter will know their votes are treated equally and will count for federal offices even when there are not in the right precinct. It requires the Federal Election Assistance Commission to issue standards that ensure uniform access to voting machines and trained election personnel in every community, and authorizes the funds for them to do so. The bill also improves security measures for electronic voting machines.

To encourage more citizens to exercise their right to vote, the “Count Every Vote Act” designates Election Day a federal holiday and requires availability of early voting in each state. The bill also enacts "no-excuse" absentee balloting, so that anyone who needs one can get an absentee ballot. It also enacts fair and uniform voter registration and identification standards, and requires states to allow citizens to register to vote on Election Day. It also takes steps to mandate that polling places have the resources they need to accommodate the voters and it requires the EAC to work with states to reduce wait times for voters at polling places. In addition, protects voters from unlawful purges, so their names do not disappear from voter registration lists. The bill also restores federal voting rights for felons who have repaid their debt to society, by fulfilling the terms of their sentence.

The Count Every Vote Act also includes measures to protect voters from deceptive practices and conflicts of interest that harm voter trust in the integrity of the system. In particular, the bill restricts chief state election officials and owners and senior managers of voting machine manufacturers from engaging in certain kinds of political activity and it makes it a federal crime to intentionally deceive or suppress voting.

Today, representatives from civil rights organizations and voting rights advocates praised the legislation, including People For the American Way, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, NAACP, Common Cause, the National Voting Rights Institute, DEMOS and the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium. The leaders emphasized the urgent need for the bill. Senator Mikulski has a long history of working on voter protection and voting reform issues. She co-sponsored similar legislation in September of 2004 with the goal of reforming the voting process and protecting each vote. The Restore Elector Confidence in Our Representative Democracy (RECORD) Act (S.2313) would require computerized voting systems to also have a voter-verifiable paper record so that each person can confirm his or her vote was accurately cast and recorded.

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