Muckraker is correct; published here first
Thu Jun 8, 2006 22:06

I believe the article Muckraker refers to is one that was published here on APFN first (below). It is good to see how these boards are used as work stations, that spurred this reporter to do some excellent leg work to finish the story to a proper and excellent conclusion.

This story is nothing less than a MAJOR INDICTMENT of the Bush Administration and Neoconservative cabal, for PERJURY, LIES, AND DECEPTION IN REGARD TO THEIR "CATALYZING EVENT" OF 9/11! So just WHO WAS BEHIND 9/11 IF NOT BIN LADEN? How then was attacking Afghanistan and Iraq justified?

Answer: The PNAC infiltrators--who already laid these advance military campaigns--and Judeo-communist Zionists within the Bush administration, comprising a Fifth Column within both the Civilian and Military Government, including every member of the Bush Administration.

VP Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush (both PNAC members), Paul Wolfowitz, Rabbi Dov Zakheim (remote control expertise and Pentagon financing mastermind?), Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Richard Perle, etc.. Nor can George H. W. Bush, whom we are told is the only President who gets CIA briefings daily (stays very close to things) claim any ignorance either. THEY ALL KNEW THAT BIN LADEN WAS NOT INVOLVED, AT MINIMUM HAD "NO HARD EVIDENCE"--JUST LIKE THE WMD IN IRAQ! Nor can William Jefferson Clinton (who is very close to GHW Bush) pretend he did not know, since the Pentagon's Budget was raided first on his watch, which setup the funding for 9/11. Their lies are unravelling...

There is now sufficient evidence for Impeachment based upon Deliberate Deception of the American people, for their assertions were so dogmatic that "Bin Laden plus 19 Arab hijackers" committed 9/11, and that he was "Wanted: dead or alive". Where is the "hard evidence" that ANY ARABS WERE INVOLVED IN 9/11 AT ALL (beyond Maussoui's forced, delusional and uncredible, brainwashed confession with a shock-belt on)?

FBI: Osama not wanted for 9/11
Wed Mar 29, 2006 17:46

Subject: FBI Wanted info on Osama bin Laden has no mention of 9/11!

See if you find anything about 9/11 on here. Even the FBI knows that it cannot state this as a matter of truth! They also qualify that anyone listed will remain until "physical evidence" can be proven that they are dead--since they know Egyptian press reported his funeral in Dec. 2001. This is pure legal obfuscation.

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