By Greg Szymanski
"justice for all and not 'just us,'
Fri Jun 9, 2006 00:30

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Another Innocent Citizen Hit With Bogus Felony Charge
By Greg Szymanski

The charges against political prisoner and former candidate for
sheriff, Jeff Weinhaus, have escalated to felony assault, as he also has
been held in custody for 13 days for psych evaluation, being called
delusional by local judge for questioning authority.

Jeff Weinhaus was literally "railroaded" by corrupt officials when
he was charged with trespassing for merely walking over the railroad tracks
in the small Missouri town of about 8,000 he calls home.

And with bogus charges being leveled against this innocent American,
he becomes a perfect example of the fascist American military system "gone
hog wild," as well as becoming another in growing list of political
prisoners in the American gulag system.

While innocent citizens are being nailed left and right in all parts
of the country for harmless things like speaking out at city council
meetings, putting up anti-Bush posters and talking against the illegal Iraqi
War, Weinhaus now joins the list of imprisoned Americans for simply walking
across railroad tracks.

And in the shocking case of Weinhaus, who ran for sheriff on the
ticket of "justice for all and not 'just us,' the railroad trespassing
charge was just the beginning of his problems that have now escalated from a
misdemeanor to a serious felony.

Not only was Weinhaus fingered for a bogus crossing the railroad
tracks trespassing charge, but the local activist trying to clean-up
corruption was then beat-up and manhandled by police after being handcuffed
to a chair at police headquarters.

But instead of out-of-control officers being nailed for abuse of
authority, they turned the tables on him, lying about the incident and
charging him with felony assault.

And to add injury to insult at a recent May hearing on the charges,
Weinhaus was ordered to take a state sponsored psych evaluation where he
then spent 13 days in custody, the judge claiming he was delusional for
saying America was "turning into a police state at the hands of the New
World Order."

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