Welcome to the North American Union!!!
Fri Jun 9, 2006 23:55

Dear Patriots,
The year 2006 is clearly the year of truth telling and soul searching. I was not surpised to hear that the Bush Neocon Inc. has plans to erase borders between Canada and Mexico by 2010 and form a new corporate/political entity called the North American Union.
The plan is based on the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations document,"Building a Northern American Community." It expands NAFTA so as to eliminate our national sovereignty and independence that our brave men and women are fighting and dying for.
It is imporant to note that the CFR has been linked to an actual plan to establish one world government by Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul whose office in Dallas confirmed that the U.S. Military along with the United Nations will be used as an enforcement arm of the new world order.
Freedom and democracy under an orwellian police state where all live as corporate citizens classified as assets or liabilities? Enemy combatants, national security threats to the new world order? It's time to expose and put an end to this insane madness.
The terrorists we the people need to worry about are not in the Middle East. They are in Washington D.C. Traitors one and all who have sold us out to foreign interests and bought off by the orchestrating, ruthless and profit driven global elite bankers.
As Almighty God is my witness I and millions of others who envision a world of peace and prosperity will do everything possible to derail and thwart these ungodly objectives. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country, a nation in distress.
Restore the Constitutional Republic, limit the power of government and return to the gold standard. Liberty and justice for all people and not just for an elite few at the top. Fear no evil and join the Second American Revolution. Through non-violent and legal means we will prevail!!!


Daniel E. Moore, President
A.C.E. Network Mission

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