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When Will We Ever Learn?
Fri Jun 9, 2006 17:27

t r u t h o u t | 06.09

Greg Palast | Unreported: The Zarqawi Invitation
"They got him - the big, bad, beheading berserker in Iraq. But, something's gone unreported in all the glee over getting Zarqawi," writes Greg Palast: "Who invited him into Iraq in the first place?"

Cindy Sheehan | When Will We Ever Learn?
Cindy Sheehan wonders "why we, as Americans, so blindly follow our leaders down this path of violent destruction, and it has always been so ... Why do we allow our leaders to kill and oppress people in our names? Is it so we won't have to look at our own destructive behavior?"

Bush Imposes Federal Law on States
Congressman Waxman releases a report evaluating how many times Congress has voted over the last five years to pre-empt state laws and regulations. Republican leaders in Congress and President Bush have repeatedly promised to respect the role of states as laboratories of democracy. But the report documents that there is a wide gulf between the rhetoric of Republican leaders in Washington and the actual legislative record.

Le Monde | Zarqawi Has Won
Le Monde's editorialist sees Zarqawi's death as a victory for the US and Iraqi governments, but not one that changes the fact that it is Zarqawi who has achieved his principal objectives in Iraq, a larger defeat for the US and the Iraqi people.

Stephen Pizzo | Congressional Castration
Stephen Pizzo points out that Bush has continually "signed bills into law and then, after the camera left, signed a separate document he calls 'a signing statement,' that, in effect, says, 'Just kidding. Here's which parts of that bill I just signed that I will enforce, and which parts I won't enforce.'"

Danny Schechter | The "Elimination" of Zarqawi: A New Episode of the Media War
"We have the bloodied head of the feared Zarqawi displayed on TV by the very military that will not allow us to see the American dead coming home ... What a coup! What a show! And what an event for Iraqi 'leaders' to show off, using phrases like 'he has been eliminated.' Within hours, the more polished US military spinmeisters were showing the airstrikes at a press conference, declaring a 'major victory' and pronouncing another 'turning point,'" Danny Schechter writes.

In a Goal Set by Bush NASA Shelves Climate Satellites and Environmental Science
In its 2007 budget, NASA proposes significant delays in a global precipitation measuring mission to help with weather predictions, as well as the launch of a satellite designed to increase the timeliness and accuracy of severe weather forecasts and improve climate models. The changes come as NASA prioritizes its budget to pay for completion of the International Space Station and the return of astronauts to the moon by 2020 - a goal set by President Bush.

Critics Say Perry's Border Camera Plan Out of Focus
Texas governor Rick Perry wants to round up a virtual border posse through webcams. Detractors say the idea is an impractical waste of money that could be dangerous.

VIDEO | Go Tell It on the Mountain
A Film by Rebecca MacNeice
Larry Gibson's family roots on West Virginia's Kayford Mountain go back to the 1700s. In 1906, after being swindled by a land company representing coal mine owners (as happened to countless other mountaineers), his family found itself with only 50 acres of its original 500. Now, Gibson hangs onto his mountain and observes family traditions, despite the disappearance of landscape all around him - the result of total environmental destruction caused by mountaintop removal mining. Keeping to family and Appalachian traditions of annually visiting the family graveyard, Gibson this year took other locals, environmental activists and journalists along with him.


Bush celebration over Zarqawi is somewhat muted to say the least. Why? First of all it doesn’t change anything.

Secondly, too much attention on this means more people will become aware/remember that Bush let Zarqawi live to help his bogus case for war in Iraq. More

And perhaps the most damning reason is that removing Zarqawi may be playing right into Osama’s hands by giving al Qaeda a chance to replace a PR disaster who also just happened to be a foreigner in a land that doesn’t take very kindly to foreigners.

Al Qaeda strongly disapproved of Zarqawi’s tactics

Zarqawi’s “martyrdom” was predicted because of his renegade ways

Zarqawi was given up by an al Qaeda insider

"Zarqawi felt my son’s breath on his hand as he held the knife against his throat. Zarqawi had to look in his eyes when he did it. George Bush sits there glassy-eyed in his office with pieces of paper and condemns people to death. That to me is a real terrorist."
- Michael Berg, father of Zarqawi victim Nicholas Berg

The Randi Rhodes Show.

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