J. Croft
Message to the African(American)
Fri Jun 9, 2006 17:19

Message to the African(American)

J. Croft

Offended by my title? Don’t be; it’s a statement of your situation…


That’s what you call yourselves and you should be, although “Black” is much easier to use. “Black” isn’t accurate though, as you’re some shade of brown. That however is being technical, like the nice propaganda slogan that we’re all equal under the law-hence my title “African(American)”. Not just the shaft your people get by the state but what more than a few whites call you: “c**n”, “jungle bunny”, “spearchucker” or the n-bomb I hear dropped about you when you’re not around to hear.

Yes: half the time you’re NOT being paranoid about racism; you’ve always been an “accepted” underclass-much preferable to the Native Americans by the elite throughout this country’s tragic history. No wonder that a lot of you are racists yourselves. Yet, you have to realize some things:

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