I am a systems analyst...Regarding Bird Flu:
Sat Jun 10, 2006 15:43

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I am a systems analyst and as such I look for unintended consequences.

Regarding Bird Flu:

Have you considered this ? Could the Bird Flu have an indirect effect on us ?
It might not kill us but I think Birds help keep the insect population down.
Insects can carry disease and destroy crops.
With out birds to keep insects in check, what might be the result ?
Mormon history tells of Seagulls saving them from a plaque of locust.
What if something similar happens again and most of the birds are dead ?
Many could be starving because of the resulting famine.
Then of course we will be more vulnerable to disease carrying insects.
There may be other ecological imbalances caused by the deaths of so many birds as well.

Regarding Global warming:

Have you considered this ?
Could the Ice caps be masking or moderating global warming ?
Think about what happens if you slowly heat a pot of water with ice in it.
The temperature will rise gradually and then level off, from that point the energy goes into melting the ice so the temperature stops rising. Once the ice has almost all melted the temperature begins increasing dramatically. The ice caps are moderating global warming, so that temperature are not rising yet, but once enough of the polar ice is gone we may be in for some real trouble. This would make sense of why we are not experiencing atmospheric temperature increases for the most part, at least, up until now.

Dennis Fischer

St. Cloud, MN



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