Ronald Reagan - Knight Grand Cross. Order of the Bath

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Ronald Reagan - Knight Grand Cross. Order of the Bath
Wed Jun 9, 2004 17:32

Ronald Reagan, former US President, appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath by HM Queen ...

Knighthood: Knights In The News: Swearing the Oath:

Knighthood: Knights In The News: Swearing the Oath:

Newsday February 20, 2002 LAST WEDNESDAY, as protocol dictates, "bowing from the head, not the waist" to Queen Elizabeth, "Sir" Rudy Giuliani joined Billy Graham, Steven Spielberg, IBM's Lou Gerstner, Ronald Reagan, Norman Schwarzkopf and other knightly relics of the British attempt to persuade Washington that the "special" relationship between the two countries means something more than Tony Blair's doing what he's told - sometimes even before he's asked.

However, as "Sir" Rudy received his gong (medal) from the British queen, he had more relevant role models as an "honorary" Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. For example, one other previous honorary knight was Rumanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, who was honored for buying British even as he drove his people to poverty and desperation. Ceaucescu didn't like term limits either, and he also tried to hang on to office, until the crowds in Bucharest eliminated him.

The Queen has also knighted President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, and British newspapers pointed out that even if he thus became an ersatz aristocrat, his primary avocation was as a kleptocrat who had become one of the richest people in the world by selling off his country's oilfields and pocketing the proceeds. But since British companies were among those who wanted to buy them, her majesty overlooked this peccadillo.

"Sir" Nursultan could provide a few other pointers for Sir Rudy, following the latter's attempts to extend his term by hook or by crook last November. The Kazakh parliament passed a law granting the "First President" total immunity from prosecution and subpoenas if he were ever to break the dictatorial mold and retire. Something similar may be useful if ever there is any fallout from the last minute stadium deals or the lifting of all the mayor's records in the last days of Giuliani's term.

British Airways, which has just announced 5,800 firings, flew Sir Rudy to meet the oceanliner QE2 on the snobby but noisy Concorde. Sir Rudy reciprocated by going to a banquet arranged by Sir Richard Branson, proprietor of bitter rival Virgin Atlantic. He also did the Churchillian tour, visiting the British leader's wartime bunker, and relishing the somewhat forced comparisons between himself - for so bravely facing the world's TV cameras - and the prime minister who had faced the Nazi bombers.

His hosts chivalrously forbore to point out that Sir Winston had had the good sense to put his bunker underground rather than on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. The new knight's love affair with things British must also have been a surprise to the Brooklyn Museum, whose funding he threatened because they mounted an exhibition of British artists whose work he did not like: He claimed it was anti-Catholic.

Perhaps someone should have told him as he was bowing his head to Queen Elizabeth that she and her offspring have by law been banned from being Catholics or marrying one.

In olden times, knights were supposed to be chivalrous: they were chaste, humble and protected the weak. You could be forgiven if you don't think central casting would have sent Giuliani around to audition for the part. After all, neither canon lawn or the medieval ideal of knighthood included separating from your wife at a news conference without telling her, did it? On the other hand, Henry VIII, the founder of the modern British monarchy, wasn't one for listening to the pope either. He divorced and beheaded his way through six wives.

And as for defending the weak: Did Sir Rudy ever ride to the rescue for any victim of NYPD brutality? For instance, Patrick Dorismond, whose juvenile records the white knight and mayor unsealed so that he could somehow justify summary execution on the street?

Knighthood is not enough for Sir Rudy. Anyone who follows British politics can see that a control freak so prissily opinionated, so much a manipulator of information, has a natural calling as a new Labor peer in the soon to be reformed House of Lords. If the Queen and the government like him so much, he'd be sure to get a British passport quickly.

All hail Lord Rudy of Flatbush!

And it may divert his nakedly palpable presidential ambitions and save the United States and the world from his meanspirited and unchivalrous politics as well. Then perhaps we could banish his baneful influence from New York totally, except perhaps to allow him to record one of those inanely annoying messages from minor celebs (another Giuliani legacy) that make it impossible to tell a yellow cab driver your destination.

As he tells us to buckle up, we can tell him to belt up - with feeling. Copyright © 2002, Newsday, Inc.


The Original 13th Article of Amendment

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

Candidate: Upon the sword of His Imperial Majesty.

The Knighting

Part the First: The Introduction of the Candidate

The Knighting shall begin at 2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone shall assemble in the Lady Chapel, with the Crowns seated on thrones in front of the Altar. When everyone is assembled and the Candidate is ready, Court shall be opened in the usual way.
Herald: Your Majesty, His Imperial Highness, Sir François de Coucy, has business before You.

Please come forward, Your Highness.

Sir François shall come before the Crown, and say:
François: Your Majesty, on behalf of the Chivalry of the Empire, I beg to inform you that our numbers are not complete. There is one who by his deeds and his demeanour has the right to a place in our company, a place he has deserved for quite some time.

Then let him come forward.

Their Imperial Majesties, Elisabeth and Erik, by the Grace of God and the Will of the Estates Empress and Emperor of Adria, do command the presence of Their servant, Nigel the Byzantine.

Knight Candidate Nigel, accompanied by the Knighting Party and wearing a white robe, shall come forward to the following Boast and kneel before the Thrones:
Herald: Your Majesties, he who comes before You now is Nigel the Byzantine, who serves You and this Empire as Fleur-de-Lis King of Arms. He is a Baronet in this Empire, a Companion of the Order of the Star of Adria, a holder of the Golden Spoon and the Celestial Raven, and a Paladin of the Orders of Saint Bela and Saint Warhammer. In the Laurel Kingdoms, he holds rank of Lord and the Order of the Golden Trident, and he is Drafn. He comes now before Your Majesties to beg from Your hands the accolade which his peers agree is rightly deserved.

Your Lordship, are you prepared to accept the accolade of Knighthood this day?

I am, Your Majesty.

Part the Second: Statement of the Legal Requirements
Crown: The Laws of the Adrian Empire require that the Candidate's legal requirements for elevation be confirmed. Minister of Rolls: Has the Candidate completed all of the required points for the rank of Knight Minister as prescribed by the Estates?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Sovereign of Arms: Has the Candidate duly registered heraldry as prescribed by the Estates?

Yes, Your Majesty. He bears Purpure, two lions addorsed, tails entwined or.

Chancellor: Is the Candidate under any judicial ban that would prevent the taking of this estate at this time?

No, Your Majesty.

Steward: Has the Candidate paid his taxes according to Our laws?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Part the Third: Speaking the Qualifications
Crown: Who would speak to the Candidate's qualifications for this Estate?

I would speak for the Chivalry. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's chivalry and reverence of the customs of the Empire.

I would speak for the Estates Minor. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's service and fidelity to the Empire.

I would speak for the Estates Major. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's prowess and courage.

I would speak for the Estates Royal. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's honesty and loyalty.

I would speak for the Ladies of the Rose. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's courtesy and generosity.

I would speak for the Church. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's faith and humility.

I would speak for the Dream. Speaker should speak to the Candidate's noble demeanor and how he upholds the Traditions.

Is there anyone else who would speak to the qualifications of this Knight Candidate?

A few minutes should be allowed for those who have something nice to say. In the off chance they don't have anything nice to say, the Crown should cut them off. After people have said their peace, the Crown should continue:

Part the Fourth: Vestment of the Regalia
Crown: With your fulfillment of the Lawful requirements verified, and your qualifications been spoken to by these noble gentleman and ladies, let the Spurs be brought forward.

While the Spurs are being placed on the Candidate's heels, the Herald continues:
Herald: The Spurs represent the right of a Knight to ride unhindered throughout the land, dispensing justice tempered with mercy, protecting the weak, defending the defenseless, and helping the needy. By wearing the precious Spurs near his feet, the Knights shows his disdain for earthly treasures in favour of spiritual.

One of the people putting the Spurs on the candidate should say as they near completion:
Spurs: May they never be hacked from your heels in shame and disgrace.

Once the Spurs are on, the Crown continues:
Crown: Let the Belt be brought forward.

While the Belt is being girded on the Candidate, the Herald continues:
Herald: The Belt respresents the unity of the Chivalry. The blue color is symbolic of the Virgin Mary, reminding the Knight to be ever faithful in his duties, to be pure of heart, and to be respectful in his actions. The belt hearkens back to the ancient days of the Order of the Garter, whose motto, "Honi soit qui mal y pense", or "Dishonour on him who thinks ill of it", speaks as a reminder to the Knight to remain ever honourable in his actions and his deeds.

The person vesting the Candidate with the Belt should say as they near completion:
Belt: Choose death before dishonour.

Once the Belt is girded, the Crown continues:
Crown: Let the Sword be brought forward.

While the Sword is being girded on the Candidate, the Herald continues:
Herald: The Sword represents the Knight's right to dispense justice. The double edge of the blade ever reminds the Knight to temper justice with mercy. As the steel of the Sword must be tempered in fire and water, so must the soul of the Knight be tempered by adversity and compassion.

The person vesting the Candidate with the Sword should say as he nears completion:
Sword: Never draw this in anger.

Part the Fifth: Swearing the Oath

Once the Candidate is fully vested, the Crown shall ask:
Crown: Upon which sword do you wish to swear your Oath?

Upon the sword of His Imperial Majesty.

The Crown shall direct the Candidate to place his hands on the Sword. The Herald will administer the Oath (one phrase at a time):
Herald: All members of the Chivalry present, including SCA Peers, and all those who aspire to the Chivalry, are encouraged to kneel in support of the Candidate as he swears his Oath.
(to the Candidate): My Lord, please repeat after me:

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