Kenneth Chrane
Death To Socialism/communism and the Murder of its Leaders!
Thu May 24, 2007 05:30

Good morning every one who love liberty.
It is now the time to take back our country and restore the U.S. Constitution of the United States of America and bring about the defeat of Socialism/Communism by ordering the assassination of its leaders.
The leaders of socialism are in Congress, (The ones who sentured U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1954.As The Late William Cooper pointed out "The people of the United States have been had", so now is the time to form Militia groups.
Bill also pointed out that "if any jack/booted Thug breaks into our homes, kill him."
It is time to put the enemies of the U.S. Constitution, both foreign and domestic to death by firing squad.
They have murdered the Branch Davidians and have committed other crimes against our Common humanity.
Former President Clinton is a murder and he should be put to death as well as Janet Rino for the victums of The Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.
As for President George W. Bush, and Vice-President Dick Cheney, Congress has the power to impeach them.
The House of Representatives has the soul power to impeach According to the U.S. Constitution.
Bush lied about nine eleven and needs to be prosacuted in a court of law.
I urge everyone of you to go to:
http://www.hourofthetime and purchase Bill's Broadcast on the Treason Documents which cover the dates of January 20, 21 25, and 26 of 1994.
The dates of February 15, 16, and 17 also cover the treason documents.
In all, there are 13 episodes of Bill's Broadcast on the topic of Treason.
The New World Order is not for you or for me.
We must also abolish the Criminal IRS, the CIA and the Federal Reserve Bank because as Carl Klang put it, "paper money leads to and it is the source of all inflation."
My fellow Americans it is time to get off of our butts, and take our country back.
You may contact me at (410) 486-1569 or (410) 961-8122 when you want to organize a Militia group.
We, the people do this in memory of William Cooper who was a very brave man and who was murdered by his enemies.


Kenneth Chrane

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