GOP Terrorists & Ron Paul
Thu May 17, 2007 18:30

Maybe Ron Paul is attempting to represent the American People instead of the agenda of the GOP. Maybe the Republican Party doesn't want him, and doesn't deserve him or his ideas.

Apparently the American People do.

Do the well-protected, gated-community Republican (or Democrat) Party-People care what the American People want or are both so out of touch with "We, the People," they no longer care, but serve their corporate and elite money masters, instead?

If Ron Paul was trying to terrify Americans and implant fear in the American Psyche with words like: bombed, drop the bomb, nuclear attack, terrorist, threat, hi-jack, code orange, and "protect the [helpless] American People," over and over and over and over and over and over.........

...he'd be a perfect, well-scripted, Republican manchurian candidate. It will be interesting to see if the Republican Party has the courage to toss him out and keep Giuliani and oxycontin; McCain and failed savings and loans and the World Class Marksman: Romney who, by the Fox News interview, can't get scary words like, " the bomb" and "bombed" out of his mind.

(And NEVER go hunting with Dick Cheney!)

The Republicans are conditioning Americans they're helpless, and should fear the unknown, and live in fear.

It's just WRONG.

And Operation Northwoods was WRONG fifty years ago, and JFK knew it. Maybe that's one of the reasons he's dead.

Will evasive criminals continuously be elected, reelected and stay in the news? Is America's BEST leadership, a revolving door of career, dynastic politicians who have nearly all been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but never paid the price? Can't they get out and get a life ELSEWHERE or is the back-scratching too profitable?

Can't Republicans understand Americans are suffocated with false promises of "protection," and more fearful of government intervention, search and seizure, and unwarranted surveillance; than alledged foreign terror threats which are obviously: "losing their thunder!"

Vast public corruption, organized crime, and illegal drugs are more frightening and a greater threat to American peace and communities, and neither have been properly dealt with by the Justice Department or Politicians since WWII.

Why haven't Americans been protected from THAT? Because some powerful people have been making so much money from crime, the rights of the American People to live in peace in their own homes were somehow superceded by high-level greed?

Americans are afraid of things like:
a home broken into by a desperate oxycontin addict
being murdered by a crazed, poisoned crystal meth victim
a child killed or lost in a foreign war
a child becoming poisoned with illegal or prescription drugs
losing everything because of sickness and no healthcare
losing one's job because it was moved overseas
corruption at the courthouse
dishonest public officials or dishonest news reporting
corporate corruption losing 401K life savings
the price of gasoline outweighing travel costs to the minimum wage job seeing their country, jobs, businesses sold to foreigners
leaving future generations with little hope for a peaceful, stable future
slaved generations to pay for foreign wars and a national debt indicative of poor leadership
trillions owed in debt to foreigners
contaminated food, water, air, and soil


So when the Republicans (or Democrats) run around screaming "The Sky Is Falling!" best to look and see who profits.

It's all about money.

If they begin to drop nuclear bombs, the world will not be fit for humans, or anything living, and so it will be the end of all suffering, all happiness, all birth, death, children, all animals, flowers, trees and everything beautiful.

Do Military Industrialists and Globalists care? Are they the ones spreading poisons and selling toxins for 150 years?

Will their children survive terrorland?

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