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ARE YOU TRULY FREE... when over half of your hard earned "money" is
stolen, directly and indirectly, through threat of deadly force if
you fail to cooperate, by "legalized fraud" called "income taxes" to
support unconscionable spending habits / personal empire building of
career politicians... and rulers around the world? And,

ARE YOU TRULY FREE...when you are deprived of your currency which you
worked hard for, paid taxes on? The $1,000 and $500 bills were slyly
taken out of circulation. When anyone DOES NOT want to play the game
of "cashless, checkless society" he is accused of "breaking the law".
Plastic strips are now inserted in the new currency for tracking your
transactions. Bankers/government claim anyone with a large amount of
cash is a criminal. The conspirators' real purpose is to work for the
private bankers, putting us in a cashless, checkless, debt society.
And, our "LAND OF THE FREE" you can no longer drive on freeways
or public street without buying a driver's license and car
registration from them LEGAL TITLE of OWNERSHIP
to your car in exchange for a "certificate of title" that shows you
gave your "true ownership" AWAY? More billions for their corporate
empire? And,

When...BUREAUCRATS MAKE YOU PAY legal ransom to a private insurance-
company so you can drive your car? Could this be the reality in this
country being that those bureaucrats profit from trillions invested
with the insurance companies through a government created trust fund
called; The Catastrophe Fund where indirectly half of the premium you
pay to the insurance company is used to pay the governments return on
their investment into the fund? Ever wonder why a life insurance
policy for $30,000 costs $100 per year while an Auto Insurance policy
for $30,000 coverage costs $600 to $1,100 per year with the state
inforcing collection / compliance by armed force? And, our "LAND OF THE FREE" you must send your children to a
licensed school or bureaucrats can/will legally kidnap your children,
confiscate your property and put you in jail? And, must read non-mainstream publications in order to learn
about the hidden agenda behind the reality of THE TRUTH, because the
national news media tells only what the "political establishment"
allows it's public to see or hear as "news"..? Who is the syndicated
media in true financial partnership with, the government or the
people? And,

When...OUR "LAND OF THE FREE" has more political-prisoners than other
nations; more slave-labor-camp-prisons (UNICOR) are being built every
year? And,

When...bureaucrats claim a crime needs 'no victim" by claiming a
crime is an offense against an abstract (legal fiction) called the
state? And, taxes are piled on top of each other...hidden
in the prices of every American product, GROSSLY INFLATING costs,
forcing industries to leave our country...taking millions of our best
jobs with them? Could this be the reality in this country being that
trillions of dollars are invested by our government over seas where
their profit on those investments is great from utilizing cheap
labor? And,

When... in our "LAND OF THE FREE" bureaucrats can know most of your
financial transactions and "legally pry" into your bank records
without your knowledge or consent? (Violating a sacred trust, your
privacy, and 4th amendment right). And,

When believe the BIG-LIE that your RIGHTS come from "public
servants / elected officials" instead of from ALMIGHTY GOD, Creator
of all nature? And,

When... you "pay" your debts with dollar bills which are notices of
debt you owe to the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve Banks (a private
corporation) which pay no income taxes...and who create money out of
thin air? And, our "LAND OF THE FREE" "public servants" have created a
spider web of over TWO MILLION laws and rules entangling every part
of your life with entrapment schemes, (Road Blocks)-etc.,
while "supreme court" judges seldom agree on the meaning of any of
them? Could this be the reality of our life in this country being
that the Judges, Lawyers, and Court System (Syndicate) are making
billions and billions of dollars, much more income than largest TEN
fortune 500 companies combined? And,

When...if you don't pay your taxes (rent) the real owner of your
property shows up, takes it from you, violating Allodial Land
Rights ... and may/will shoot you, or put you in jail if you resist.
And, our "LAND OF THE FREE" it's okay to legally murder unborn
babies, cleverly calling aborticide "abortion" with the by product of
those abortions going to the highest bidder f or millions of
dollars!; And,

When... "Public-servant judges" illegally guide votes of Citizen
Jurors by LYING, telling them they must vote to enforce the "alleged
laws" of the case (even if it violates Rights secured by the
constitution) and the Jurors wish to do otherwise!? And,

When....the word "person" is "legally defined" as a "corporation" and
judges and government lawyers Coerce Juries into jailing fellow
Americans for disobeying laws made for private bankers and private
corporations to CONTROL our once FREE PEOPLE? And,

When...your church must get a 501-C3 license (tax exempt) so its
members can "write off gifts"-legally worship the "State God", not
ALMIGHTY GOD, Creator of all nature? Could this be the reality in our
country being that those 501-CS entities are bringing in billions of
dollars each year as long as they continue to entertain and inspire
the masses within and under the guidelines of the state? What did
Jesus, Gandhi, Muhammad, and Buddha have in common? It was NOT a
corporate multi billion-dollar empire operating in cooperation with
the state! And,, tax collectors, police and courts (judges)
are more of a threat to life, liberty and property than a thief in
the night? (Been in court lately?) And,

When... you SADLY LEARN.. More crimes occur in American court rooms
committed by Judges, state attorneys, and lawyers in one day than by
hoods on the streets in a whole year? our "LAND OF THE FREE" your children are a ward of the
state because you used a marriage license? (Your children are not
your children because of that license!) It is a contract between you
and the state of ownership given by you to the state! And, are jailed for exercising your God-given Constitutionally
secured Rights if you don't "grease the palms" (fines) of
Enterprise or work without the SS-ID number, "Mark of the Beast", and
you are forced to buy a permit or license from bureaucrats or go to
jail? And,

When... everything you and your children will ever "own" is mortgaged
to foreign bankers who own the private Federal Reserve Banks, your
loan could be due and collectible on demand...BECAUSE THE CONGRESS
REFUSES to OBEY the CONSTITUTION providing our nation with a debt-
free, Honest money system! Could this be the reality in this country
being that the government has horded trillions of our dollars taken
from us and now invests our money with those foreign bankers, using
our own money to fund our own debt, at great "Profit" to the
government? And, could be dying from a disease (cancer) that is curable in
other countries (suppressed in America since the early 30's) with
certain medicines, nutrients, and vitamins which, if used to save
your life, is a crime in our "LAND OF THE FREE" stripping us of our
1st and 9th amendment Rights, FREEDOM of CHOICE? Could this be the
reality in this country being that the government and pharmaceutical
companies make hundreds of billions of dollars each year from
the "Market" of promoted sickness and mental illness? Now we couldn't
have that very lucrative and profitable market shrink thus
diminishing that trillion-dollar bottom line profit margin for the
drug companies and government investments in those companies? And,

When... if you say something publicly that is not "Politically
Correct", the news-media can publicly condemn you without a trial, by
implying you are a racist, cultist, neo-nazi, anti-Semitic, hate
monger, bigot, radical, armed and dangerous, extreme-right-winger,
tax-protester, un-American...etc.? And,

When...the Federal Government pretends to wage a "War On Drugs"
(actually promoting drugs) as an excuse to make laws that generate
billions of dollars of income for them and deprive us of our God-
given RIGHTS to Life, Liberty, and Property ...Freedom to Choose and
to be Left Alone? Did you ever wonder who profits from the war on
drugs, especially with the "War" resulting with the tripling of sales
of those drugs in this country? And,

When...CRIME PAYS BIG... for Big Brother Government, lying
politicians, judges, government lawyers, police generating billions
of dollars for themselves...because every new law causes many more
victimless crimes as an excuse for higher and higher taxes and
confiscation of wealth supposedly used to punish the violators
(victims) of newly invented crimes, which God never thought of,
against a legal fiction, the State? And, our "LAND OF THE FREE" the flag displayed in court rooms
and other public buildings was intentionally displayed having a gold
fringe border, which is NOT the American flag, indicating that we are
under Martial Law unannounced? And,

ARE YOU TRULY FREE...when government agents falsely accuse people
of "crimes" shoot and kill a nursing mother and child (Weaver), use
banned gas to burn out and eliminate over 80 people (Waco Holocaust),
Gordon Call, etc. And, are told that you must ask and pay bureaucrats for legal
permission to get married, even though marriage is a sacrament
directly from our loving father, ALMIGHTY GOD?

When...Republican and Democratic Presidents give your taxes to
foreign countries, food that should be given to our needy is given to
foreign nations, destroying our own people...our self-defense arms
are confiscated...creating wars and riots; the United States Military
is under the United Nations command...YOUR JOB exported
order that the structure for was created and blueprinted by
politicians and bankers from this country starting in 1945? Creating
wars and riots! Could this be the reality in this country being that
those looking to establish this New World Order had two pesky little
documents called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that were
standing in their way? Two documents that opposed their agenda of
the "Final Solution" for control that the New World Order would
FREEDOM Then WHAT is SLAVERY??? If You Think You're FREE, What can
you do without:

A. getting a permit; B. getting a license; C. paying a tax; D. your
Social Surveillance-lD # (should not be used for identification)? The
United States Corporate Composite Government Liquid Wealth, both
federal and 85,000 local government corporate operations within the
country have amassed 60 Trillion Dollars of our wealth taken from us
and invested now by them internationally. This may or may not be a
serious problem for you in your thinking, but it is a serious problem
to many of us.(US Government today, after looking Gorbachev thought
it was a good idea and changed his ways to follow the more effective
blueprint for control!) He changed the errors of his thinking upon
review of the reality of "Current US Government operations applied.

" does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."--
Samuel Adams

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
striking at the root." -- Henry David Thoreau

When the people fear their Government, there is tyranny. When the
Government fears it's people, there is liberty.." -- Thomas Paine

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