Project SHAD: American Servicemen Used As Guinea Pigs
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Project 112 SHAD


Project SHAD: American Servicemen Used As Guinea Pigs

shad1.jpg (3886 bytes) Project SHAD, an acronym for Shipboard Hazard and Defense, was part of the joint service chemical and biological warfare test program conducted during the 1960s. Project SHAD encompassed tests designed to identify US warships' vulnerabilities to attacks with chemical or biological warfare agents and to develop procedures to respond to such attacks while maintaining a war-fighting capability. Although classified, the Department of Defense has been actively pursuing declassification of relevant medical information. To date twelve SHAD projects have been evaluated and released for your review.

The SHAD program planned as many as a hundred individual tests and was part of the larger Deseret Test Center program. Many tests were never actually executed. DoD investigators plan to look at all Deseret Test Center’s chemical and biological tests conducted between 1963 and 1970

Of the 4,300 sailors known to be involved, to our knowledge, only 622 have been notified.



Special thanks to Chet McWhorter Sr for supplying the newspaper clippings above.

Linda Spoonster Schwartz

Linda Schwartz received her diploma in Nursing from Saint Thomas Hospital School of Nursing in Akron, Ohio, She is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Maryland and received a Masters in Psychiatric Nursing from Yale University School of Nursing. She completed her Doctoral Degree in Public Health from Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in April 1998. Her dissertation “Physical Health Problems of Military Women Who Served During the Vietnam War” is the first major research investigation of the health of women veterans of the Vietnam Era.

She is medically retired as a Major from the military due to injuries she sustained in an aircraft accident while on duty in the Air Force.

Dr. Schwartz has a long history of involvement in nursing and veteran organizations. She has served as President of both the Connecticut Nurses Association, and the Connecticut Nurses Foundation. In 1987 she was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Nurses Association (ANA). She also served as Member of the Board and Treasurer of the ANA PAC (1987-1989). She is currently an Associate Research Scientist at the Yale School of Nursing.

She has served as Trustee of the Connecticut Department of Veteran Affairs since 1989. She served 10 years on the VA Advisory Committee on Readjustment of Vietnam Era Veterans. She has also served as Chair of the VA Women Advisory Committee from 1997 to 2000. Dr. Schwartz was a member of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Veterans of America from 1989-1995. She was one of the founders and served (1990-1996) as the President of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund (VVAF), a charitable organizations certified from the Combined Federal Campaign, which focuses on the needs of the nations 9.2 million Vietnam Era Veterans.

From 1992-1999 she served in a volunteer capacity, as the Co-Director of “Project Partnership” which is a program in which VVAF acquired and developed four homes for homeless and disabled veterans in conjunction with the West Haven VA Medical Center. Project Partnership became incorporated as s (501) (3) non-profit organization on November 22, 1997 in West Haven, Connecticut.

Dr. Schwartz resides in Pawcatuck, Connecticut with her husband Stanley a restaurateur and her daughter Lorraine a 1998 Graduate of Syracuse University.

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