Inconsistencies in 911 Commission Report
Mon May 21, 2007 17:08

Inconsistencies in 911 Commission Report

911Lies does not care (for the moment) to speculate on EXACTLY what happened, we first want to confirm that the official story COULD NOT HAVE happened. Who are the people who are so vehement about not wanting further investigation, and what would their motive be? Why would anyone consider scientific investigation unpatriotic?
Be prepared for the most shocking realization of your lifetime.


Where are the bodies? Supposedly 100 Tons of steel and titanium alloy completely disintegrated, yet, government forensics teams claim to have identified 180+ bodies. This is just on 'paper'. No witnesses saw any bodies, no witnesses saw damage consistent with a 757 slamming onto the lawn and Pentagon. And Massive Pilot Irony Gone Unreported!

Popular Mechanics owned by war profiteer
(Hearst yellow journalism).


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A close friend, an ex-Nassau county cop, knew about 100 people that died that day, he has a thorough understanding of police and fire procedures, which relates to the firefighters that swear under oath they heard demolition explosives in the WTC's. I have done 1,000's of hours of research from verifiable sources, present information on this Web and applied SEO techniques, in order to bring this information to the public.

Many of my associates, friends and myself are in the 911 Truth movement. We support Scholars For Truth, the movement headed by Professors Steven Jones Ph.D. of BYU and James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. of UMN. Their organization associate member list is below, and their website is here,

I merely bring the public to the information that is developed from professionals in their respective fields, after 1000's of hours of researching information, which we select, validate, separate, and present in an easy understandable format.

911Lies is active in search engine optimization, which allows the public access to information they should see, and keeps valid truth seeking sites listed higher than government seeded propaganda and disinformation sites.

If you are to frightened to believe your own government could do this, think of how terrifying it would be if you allowed them to get away with it?

Find the courage and concern to take the time to at least examine all the factual information and make a decision.

If you choose to believe 'whatever happened was probably for the best', then you have failed your country and the ideology on which it was based. You are choosing to relinquish 230 years of American Democracy based on fear, denial, or misplaced political party affiliation loyalty.

We are Devastated over what has happened to our country. America has been tricked into searching for some elusive terrorist entity, an 'enemy' -instead of the perpetrators that executed 911. Ramifications are sinister and far-reaching. If we are fooled so easily, the very definitions of 'freedom', 'justice', and 'liberty' themselves may elude us.

Please look at each fact based on itself independently. Do not disqualify information because they aren't discussing it on your favorite 'mainstream media' show, look at it and make your own judgment based on truth, logic and factual evidence.

We have to do this for all the people that fought to maintain a free democracy, that fought to build the best country in the world, that fought for equal chances for all citizens, that fought for world where achievements can be prolific, where arts can be rich, where unity accelerates evolution, and where you are free and encouraged to focus on your own pursuits of happiness.
I fear operating this site will cause me to lose all those things, but I KNOW if I do nothing, if WE do nothing, we will all lose these things forever.


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