The Dead Giveaway
Sat May 26, 2007 13:42

The real dead giveaway was the fact that the last time Musharraf was in the U.S. it was because he signed a book deal. Book deals for government officials are payoffs.

On September 19th, 2001, CNN ran a story about India providing the video footage of the alleged training camps in Afghanistan. They then provided the information regarding the wire transfers from Ahmed Omar Sayed Sheikh to Mohamed Atta.

It is my belief that India was cooperating in the conspiracy to misdirect investigations - aiding and abetting in the crime 9-11 by providing the manufactured evidence against the patsies - Atta and his supposed gang of hijackers.

Why would India cooperate with a crime of this magnitude? On November 9, 2001 11-9 George Bush signed a technology trade agreement with India as a means to fight terrorism. This trade agreement was like a knife in the jugular of the U.S. economy. If 65% of your economy is in knowledge jobs - and you agree to trade them away - in exchange for market access for multinational corporations - which really means providing the infrastructure so that multinationals could move their production (jobs) there - what better incentive? 10's of billions - maybe even hundreds of billions of dollars of national income transferred from the U.S. to India. What benefit to the U.S. to lose jobs to India? NONE.

And who was behind the trade deal? Frank Wisner Jr. of AIG and Bill Clinton. In 2000, Clinton started something called the Knowledge Trade Initiative at the behest of Wisner and the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

We know that evidence against Bin Laden was ready in advance of 9-11 to be used on 9-11. {also - see bottom - Jerome Hauer told Whitehouse to start taking CIPRO on 9-11.)

We know that Rudy Guiliani knew in advance that the towers were coming down - (bottom right) clip was from 9/11 Mysteries 1:50 into the video as I recall)

India had a lot to gain and nothing to lose. Sticking it to Pakistan was a bonus.

There really wasn't much to bomb in Afghanistan so we didn't need to be there long - which adds weight to the argument that India's evidence against Afghanistan was bogus - or was from a different era - like when the Russians were there and we were providing funding for the Northern Alliance.

There was no evidence against Iraq. But there was a Rand Corporation 2001 Presidential Transition report that said (paraphrased), if anything happens - attack Iraq. They were also the ones who suggested setting up an office of Special Plans.


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