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Raid on Jefferson's Office Is Questioned
Tue May 23, 2006 17:27

t rt u t h o u t | 05.23

FBI Raid on Jefferson's Office Is Questioned
An unusual FBI raid of a Democratic congressman's office over the weekend prompted complaints yesterday from leaders in both parties, who said the tactic was unduly aggressive and may have breached the constitutional separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.

Will Bunch | Lobbyist Money ... He's No. 1, He's No. 1!
"The folks over at the Congress Watch of Public Citizen have put out a report on the lobbyists who bankroll Congress," writes Will Bunch. "It features a list of the 20 biggest givers among lobbyists - an interesting read, to be sure - but they've also compiled a tally of the biggest 'getters,' the members of Congress who've pulled in the most money from K Street during the 1998-2004 election cycles."

Molly Ivins | "Yes, I Am Actually Calling Them Racist"
"By all means, reform immigration with this deep obeisance to the Republican right-wing nut faction and their open contempt for 'foreigners,'" writes Molly Ivins. "But do not pretend for one minute that it is not a craven political bow to racism."

Judge Steps In for Poor Inmates Without Justice Since Hurricane
Hurricane Katrina took his house, his courtroom and, Judge Arthur L. Hunter Jr. says, his faith in the way his city treats poor people facing criminal charges. Nine months after the storm, more than a thousand jailed defendants have had no access to lawyers, the judge says, because the public defender system is desperately short of money and staffing, without a computer system or files or even a list of clients.

Insurgents Keep US at Bay in Ramadi
Whole neighborhoods are lawless, too dangerous for police. Some roads are so bomb-laden that US troops won't use them. Guerrillas attack US troops nearly every time they venture out - and hit their bases with gunfire, rockets or mortars when they don't.

Patrick Cockburn | Which Is the Real Iraq?
"A frustrating aspect of writing about Iraq since the invasion is that the worse the situation becomes, the easier it is for Tony Blair or George Bush to pretend it is improving," writes Patrick Cockburn. "That is because as Baghdad and Iraq, aside from the three Kurdish provinces, become the stalking ground for death squads and assassins, it is impossible to report the collapse of security without being killed doing so."

How Iraq Police Reform Became Casualty of War
An initial effort by American civilians to rebuild the Iraq police, slow to get started and undermanned, became overwhelmed by corruption, political vengeance and lawlessness unleashed by the toppling of Saddam Hussein. When the rebuilt skeletal force became a target of the rapidly spreading insurgency, Americans turned to heavily-armed police commando units that had been assembled by the Iraqis. They added firepower, but at a price.

Iran and Rumsfeld
A Report by Scott Galindez
On Thursday, May 18th, over 40,000 petition signatures against war with Iran were delivered to the White House. Following the delivery of the petitions, Ray McGovern and Cindy Sheehan led a march to Donald Rumsfeld's house. Four people were arrested trying to deliver a message to the Secretary of Defense.


Dr Mike interviews Dr Hussein Ibish about relationships between Islam and the West

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