This Can't Be Happening!
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This Can't Be Happening!
THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office

Hear Dave Lindorff list 10 important reasons to impeach President Bush

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Here are some excerpts from the new book, The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office, written by Dave Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky, released May 1 by St. Martin's Press.

We're Only Here to Help, Dem Leaders Say

One of the smarmier moves by the Democratic Party leadership occurred a couple of days ago right after Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), one of the few genuine progressives among Democrats in Congress, introduced his motion to censure President Bush for his NSA spying program.

Recall that Feingold at first couldn't find a single Democratic Senator to join him, and ultimately only found two--Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Tom Harkin. Meanwhile, as his other supposed colleagues ducked under their desks, Republicans attacked him shamelessly, suggesting that the Wisconsin senator's motion was tantamount to treason in a "time of war."

Along came Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, with a letter to Democratic voters, urging them in an indignant tone to "sign the petition" defending Feingold's patriotism and right to file his censure motion--oh, and of course to contribute money to the Democratic Party.

This is the same Harry Reid who, along with 41 other Democratic Senators, has run as fast as he could away from Feingold's quite reasonable motion of censure, providing Republicans with the opening to attack him as a traitor.

Reid and his cowardly, calculating fellow weasels should be ashamed of themselves. If ever a president deserved a censure, it's this one.

If voters want to defend Sen. Feingold, they should be telling Sen. Reid and his herd of gutless colleagues that they should sign on to Feingold's censure motion. It's what a real opposition party would do. The Democratic Party should try it.

Every Democratic senator should have to vote up or down on whether she or he thinks the president has commmitted a crime in deliberately violating an act of Congress and allowing the National Security Agency to spy, without a warrant, on Americans.

Feingold is right: we voters have a right to know where our senators stand on this issue.

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