Dedication and Courage
Fri May 12, 2006 13:31

Dedication and Courage

One credo that I hold dear is to perpetually seek the truth. I'm still here. Multifaceted changes are in the world. As a result, some people can become spellbound and apathetic. Well, I'm not one of these people. As similar to the film "Vendetta," we have a globe where people's cherished rights are being trampled upon in a gross fashion. Tyrannical governmental actions whether from Saudi Arabia's excessive punishment of non-Muslims to China's forced abortion are flourishing. What is positive news is that we can fight back. The raunchy errors that Vice President Dick Cheney exhibited must be exposed. Individuals across the land are protesting. Real leaders are making their voices known about the imperfections of society. Also, it is important to be more moral. We must act courteous and honor all men. Additionally, there is no need for us to speak profanity or any form of vulgar language. Our minds must resist lust. Lust decapitates our actions, leads to materialism, and can pollute our minds to embrace distorted views on morality. You can see the rampant pornography problems many men experience of the evil consequences of lust. Watching out for deception, but bewaring of evil are vital. As for me, I'm no longer into this agitated political arena. Far too often, both parties in America blast each other as wrong. While, this bickering is achieved, real solutions to Iraq, torture, abortion, oil, the economy, etc. aren't met. The truth is that the Council on Foreign Relations, Ford Foundation, and other political think-tanks have membership or connections with the leadership of Democrats and Republicans.

For over three decades, the Republicans haven't used an inch to ban Roe v. Wade. It isn't just them. Also, a significant number of Democrats not only voted for the Iraq War, but supported the National ID Act, supported Alberto Gonzales, the Patriot Act, and the evil starvation plus murder of Terri Schiavo. I'm out of the left-right paradigm (which is a situation where elements in society try to place people in camps like a WE staged fight. This is done so people are at each other's throats without finding solutions). It divides Americans so much. I'm focused on life, truth, the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and other absolute principles. I oppose the United Nations' non-response to the atrocities of Rwanda and its population control agenda, but I'm not a fascist. I abhor the imperialism promoted by the Neo Cons, but I'm not a communist. I don't agree with George W. Bush's view of supporting open borders, signing on to UNESCO, being for gun control, opposing South Dakota banning abortion, and supporting the Iraq War, but I'm not a far-left wing person. One of the purposes of this Roman Coliseum-like fighting between ideologues is to keep people from being independent thinkers or expand our minds. If our minds are placed in a box, we limit our capacity to acquire more intellect to help others.

I've witness FOX News for a while now. To outline their agenda, to laugh, and to critique them are the reasons why I watch that channel. Obviously, they aren't "Fair and Balanced." One example is John Conner. John Conner wrote the book "The Resistance Manifesto" about the Skulls and Bones and Bohemian Grove. He tried to ask Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, and Rick Roberts about the Bohemian Grove and Skulls and Bones, but they refuse to listen. They won't give much credit to the opposite side, so many folks in Fox News and other circles aren't Fair and Balanced. There are tons of evidence, which proves the occult nature both occult organizations. I can refute Bill O'Reilly in a mini-second, but a lot of times I see inexperienced debates on Bill's show. Bill refutes them. Once and a while, people do refute O'Reilly completely like Bill Donohue talking to O'Reilly about the war in Iraq months ago. Jeremy Glick destroyed O'Reilly's lies when Glick said that the U.S. government funded Muslim radicals, which is true.

Free Speech is still under threat in America. CIA analyst Ray McGovern said that Donald Rumsfeld lied about WMDs in an Atlanta center. Yet, Rumsfeld almost allowed security to eject Ray McGovern. Evidence proves that Rumsfeld said that there were WMDs and Rumsfeld denied it. There are other evidence pointing to the lies of not only Rumsfeld, but the rest of the administration. McGovern said "This is America," because many of the White House's town hall meetings are staged. Some of the people have to take pledges to not dissent, be non-disruptive, and agree just to be apart of the discussions. Bill O'Reilly called McGovern a "kook." This is the same Bill who was accused of phone sex and wants mostly innocent, non-convicted folks in Camp X-Ray to be executed.

I really can't forget about the Vatican/Jesuit link to world affairs. The Vatican had many similarities to Babylonian Mystery Religion. The Jesuits are in fact the largest religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. One of the easiest ways that people can introduce people to the Vatican/Jesuit link is about World War Two. Even mainstream historians admit to this. World War II had Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Franz von Papen funding Hitler. After the war, the Vatican's Ratline sent Nazi war criminals into the Americas, etc. Tons of world leaders have been trained by the Jesuits like Fidel Castro, Pat Buchanan, and others. Even Ahmed Chalibi enjoyed a privileged upbringing, and was educated by American Jesuits at Baghdad College. I just became more firm about the Jesuit connection to the New Age Movement. One connection was Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who promoted the Piltdown man hoax. Pierre not only support evolution (like the Vatican does now), but accepted the New Age and an Universal Christ to convert the world (as exposed by the film Megiddo II). The New Age Movement is about moral relativism, hatred of biblical, conservative Christian, and a view that man's will or work can achieve Heaven. All of these concepts are contrary to the Word of God. The Bible says that man's will is always in contradiction to the will of God.

The Knights of Malta are also powerful with influences in government, politics, banking, and other spheres of the world. Famous Knights of Malta are William J. McDonough (CFR-member and former head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank), Geoffrey T. Boisi (Geoffrey T. Boisi is chairman and senior partner of Roundtable Investment Partners LLC), Rick Santoram (Pennsylvanian US Senator), Alexander Haig, Jr., Prescott Bush Jr., and John DeGioia (a CFR member and President of Jesuit Georgetown University). Past members of the CIA, MI6, Le Cerle (there are numerous Knights in Le Cerle today), and other intelligence agencies have been members. What's the goal of these groups? It's too diminish the power of the Protestant Reformation and control as much as the world as power for the Pope and Roman Catholic Church. That's why Vatican II's Ecumencial Movement support unifying all denominations under Rome. Vatican II never condemned the Council of Trent calling folks anathema (or accused) for just disagreeing with Catholic theology at all. Opus, Knights of Columbus, and other organizations are important to investigate as well.

Recent Developments in the New Century

Human trafficking is still a bad problem in the world. A BBC article in Thursday, 20 February, 2003 called the Asia sex trade as the biggest in world. Even Unicef's Kul Gautum called this evil trade as very cruel. He said that 30 million people have been traded in over 30 years. The BBC says that globalization, organized crime, and discrimination against women are contributing factors to the situation. That seems to be true to me. Dr. Mohamed Mattar (the Adjunct Professor of Law and Executive Director of The Protection Project at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies) on June 27, 2005 in Nicosia, Cyprus talked about human trafficking in the region of Cyprus.

NATO is flexing its muscles more. The BBC in May 1, 2006 wrote that UK troops are running a Taliban-dominated southern province of Helmand. This is part of a NATO peacekeeping force. It's interesting to note that Club of Rome member and ex-Secretary General of NATO Javier Solona Madariaga oversaw the bombing of Serbia during the late 1990's.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad sent a letter to George W. Bush. It talked about religion, philosophy, and other points. One interesting point was that he talked about 9.11. He wrote that September 11 wasn't a simple operation and that there might be a cover-up of the facts. The other comment that Ahmadinejad made was that you can't rule out intelligence agencies having involvement in an attack, which was so sophisticated as 911 was. It's nothing new to figure out that the NSA spies on America and has many intelligence agencies. Leslie Cauley from USA TODAY on May 11, 2006 mentioned that the NSA not only recorded phone call records. They also received them from AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth, people with direct knowledge of the arrangement told USA TODAY. A work of prose from Tech Search Blog on April 13, 2006 once again have AT&T sending surveillance information (from their customers) to the NSA. Once again, we have snitches in the government, which violate our privacy. This is of course nothing new, because the government have been spying on citizens for decades.

There is a battle between Pro Lifers and Pro-choice extremists. These pro choice extremists are vandalizing Pro Life displays. It's happening all across the nation. It occurred in Northern Kentucky University. It is also occurring in Princeton University. In Princeton, destroyed a pro-life display of 347 flags set-up to remember the estimated number of students that were missing from the student population due to abortion. At Western Washington University (Professor Sally Jacobsen instigated an anti-life mob to destroy Pro-Life crosses), David Janus Zhang, who is 21, damaged a Pro-Life display. Zhang jumped over a fence to destroy Pro-Life property. A Canadian Pro-Life (by the name of Rose Mawhorter) was assaulted for just protesting at an abortion mill in Vancouver. Even the heroic GAP (genocidal awareness project) displays were damaged in February. What does this mean? It means that we are winning the arguments of the personhood of the unborn, the negative consequences of abortion, the murder of abortion, and the non-mention of child killing in the Constitution. These pro-choice extremists hate the truth, so what they use is ad-hominem attacks and violence to show their jealousy of us. Steven Ertelt wrote that Actresses Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow are coming under fire from pro-life advocates for exploiting Mother's Day to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. That's despicable, yet these liberals forgotten that their idol Margaret Sanger said pro-eugenics quotes and went into a Klan rally in 1926. As me, I was luckly not executed after 1973 before I was born after Roe v. Wade as passed. The abortion holocaust is of course evil.

I hear another controversy. Sam Simcox believes that Homeland Security is monitoring the Minutemen's activities and sending that information to Mexico. One Border Security member on Bill O'Reilly's show denies. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is outraged at this situation. Regardless if it's true or not, Bush hasn't adequately secure the borders. It is impossible to solve the illegal immigration problem without securing our borders. CBS 11 News from May 11, 2006 has an article written by Stephanie Lucero. It talked about how Dallas conservative have set up a billboard saying "Stop the Invasion, Secure our Borders." This shows the anger of many people about this issue.

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