Aaron Russo on Coast to Coast AM with George Norry
Sun May 14, 2006 14:28

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Listen to Aaron Russo LIVE on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory!

Monday, May 15th from 11pm-2am (PST)


05/15/06 Coast to Coast George Noory: Aaron Russo
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Aaron Russo Homepage: Freedom to Fascism

Tune in to the show and call in to support Aaron as he discusses his new film, America: Freedom to Fascism. Aaron will cover subjects such as the IRS, RFID Chips, the National ID, the Federal Reserve, Fort Knox and the gold that belongs to Americans and other themes from the film.

Check the Coast to Coast website , to find an affiliate station in your area.

We'd also like to announce the new America: Freedom to Fascism website! Visit the site for screening information, important news about the state of our nation, make yourself heard with our discussion boards, watch new trailers and clips from the film and spread the word with an eCard.



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