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Border War 2006


The following is an article that was posted on your web site I wish to use to try and explain the TRUE reason behind ALL the immigration problems we are facing here in America.

Victor Forsythe
The Cause of Illegal Immigration
Fri Mar 31, 2006 17:32
The Cause of Illegal Immigration

By Victor C Forsythe

The US government has done everything possible to promote illegal immigration. The two principal causes are: Number One; The World Bank. The chief mission of this so called “Bank” is to bankrupt other nations with loan sharking. If World Bank loans were any good, why do the nations that get a loan always default? Because the way in which the loan is given, insures that the government officials will be able to embezzle the loan and place their booty in secret bank accounts in Europe. Number Two; The so-called Free Trade Agreements such as NAFTA which dumped millions of tons of subsidized US corn on the Mexican economy. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this would engender massive unemployment in Mexico.

Outsourcing US factory production to slave labor factories in Communist China is another important part of the funnel to keep US workers unemployed. Making sure that the minimum wage is not raised is another part. So now where does this funnel lead? Well to the New Roman Empire military machine of course. To avoid having to institute a draft the military Industrial complex has to make sure that young people in search of a job have the fewest job opportunities possible. So how do we turn this around? Farm subsidies should only be used in emergency situations. No more subsidies to the world’s richest corporations. The airwaves belong to We the People, not the highest bidder. Free air time to qualified political candidates from other parties than the Republicans or Democrats. Use the military budget to free us from fossil fuels. With these reforms the so-called illegal immigration would not exist.

Victor Forsythe
1705 14th Street #408
Boulder CO 80302
303 885-7311

Cliff Lindquist
An American Patriot
May 14, 2006

1. Who do you think owns the World bank?
The World Bank. The chief mission of this so called “Bank” is to bankrupt other nations with loan sharking.

2. Zionist Jews do!!

Until you and your kind on the web get the picture of our REAL ENEMY i.e. the Communist JWS in Israel and their collaborators in the white house and senate, you will not change one thing to help America from being turned into a third world nation. This is the necessary step needed towards days end and the rule of antichrist.
I'm sure if you have read this far on my email, you are soon going to click the delete button and size me up as some whack job. I expect this from those too blind to see the truth and will list yet another to the false flag department of other whiners that whine to the chorus of do nothing but whine fools if they FAIL to recognize that it is Zionist led Israel behind all the evil in America and the world. Yes NAZI Jews are behind everything PERIOD!!

Until you and such groups as the minuteman and all the other border site dummies make this connect, you are just beating your chest and nothing will come of it other than to have a nice and neat web site to complain off of about the bad politicians. Albeit nothing tangible will be accomplished to finally recognize that the immigration problems we are facing are these JWS trying to remove the WHITE RACE from having any power to stop them from ruling the planet. You see the white man is their only true enemy thus these Jews need to castrate them initially from being able to win any elections via flooding the country with illegals who are merely pawns to them. It's called Globalization:

The Mexicans have no clue what is happening to them and once they do, it will be too late. They will be the new cattle to these evil Nazi JWS to rule as they wish and white man will go the way of the Do Do.

Here is a web page off my site you need to review very carefully to see how these JEWS think about WE AMERICANS as their cattle, to be butchered, used, killed, ruled etc. It's more frightening to read than the Atzlan video on your web site. Who do you think MEcha, LaRaza, ACLU, etc., all report to? NAZI JEWS in Israel and in America.

P. S. Who do you think developed communism the same communism in China, N. Korea, Russia, Israel, etc., etc.,? Zionist JEWS!!

Perhaps this web site is not familiar with the new world order plans for destroying over 80% of the population once these evil Zionist finally DO destroy America. They will use the Russian SCALAR Howitzer a weapon that can destroy ALL life forms on the planet today including America.
Here is a web page for you and your hungry readers. lol
REVIEW it very carefully!

"Recognizing Zionist Jews as the evil being perpetrated against America and the world and how to destroy them is the single most important issue facing our country today! Everything else pales by comparison and calling them the Elite’s is simply whining to the chorus of do nothing but whine fools!" By Cliff Lindquist

Cliff Lindquist
A White Man and American Patriot
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