Let's unite
Mon May 15, 2006 17:12

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Subject: Let's unite
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 01:02:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Venetiu Radu
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Dear Friend,

My name is Venetiu Radu. Like you, I’m concerned about what’s going on in this world. Long time I read books about Illuminati, Free Masons, Zionism, New World Order, etc. and I was revolted.

Now I have a great idea! Like me and like you there are thousands of persons in Occident. Probably there are few thousands actively and millions of supporters. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ALL OF US UNITED IN AN ORGANIZATION, IN A NET, IN A BLOCK, IN A FRONT AGAINST THE MASONIC SYSTEM. Each one separate doesn’t have any power but, if we will come all together, we will become a force!

I’ve already got in action. I’ve begun to collect the email addresses from internet of all opponents of the Masonic system. It’s a lot of work but it’s something needed to be done. Maybe you can help me in this work. Then we will contact all these valuable persons and we’ll create our organization; with branches in all countries.

Then we can take a step even further. We can get in competition against Masons in managing the process of globalization. Correct me if I’m wrong: the globalization will occur any way. In my opinion this is an objective process required by the development of human society. The problem is the quality of globalization. We will say that we can’t let the planet to be governed by Satanism and we will claim the power in the leadership of the planet. We will have many arguments against the Masonic system and we can win the masses. The institutions which will govern the planet will appear and we will ask the peoples to vote us.

It’s not enough to criticize the Masonic system. We must come with a better program of governing/organizing the planet. People need an alternative to choose. At this time the masses are abandoned in the hands of Illuminati, Masons and Zionists. The peoples need saviours and we will be the ones.

I sustain we must oppose the Masons, not the globalization. The globalization will take place with or without us. We can only try to do something good in this process. And we can do it! With a white program we can win the masses and make a change! We can influence the history, not only to remain spectators and criticize.

For the beginning we need a web site where to gather all of us and to organize our structure. Then we need a TV channel to win the population and to fight against Masons. If we find 500 determined members and each one contributes with 2000 $ we make 1 million and with this sum we can begin a TV channel.

Do you want to become a member of our organization?

Can you help me to collect the email addresses of our brothers from internet? If yes, please contact me to organize our work.

I hope to hear from you. Please send me your opinions even if they are different than mine. The diversity and even opposition are good. They are an engine of evolution. But first we need to come together. We can accept both union and separation as basic principles in our net and for globalization in general. Each one can have his own business but in the same time we will be united in a common front against Them.

I wait for your suggestions and initiatives.

Veneziu Radu


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