Security problems with Diebold's voting machines.
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Former Libertarian presidential candidate and filmmaker, Aaron Russo will discuss the IRS.
UPDATE: America: From Freedom to Fascism to screen at Cannes, May 22nd on the beach!

First Hour: Bev Harris reports on security problems with Diebold's voting machines.

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5-11-06: Three-level security flaws found in Diebold touch-screens
Due to the nature of this report it is distributed in two different versions. Details of the attack are only in the restricted distribution version considered to be confidential. Fewer than 50 words have been redacted in the version below.


Click "more" for link to full report

Note: Please refrain from speculation or public discussion of inappropriate technical details.

This document describes several security issues with the Diebold electronic voting terminals TSx and TS6. These touch-pad terminals are widely used in US and Canadian elections and are among the most widely used touch pad voting systems in North America. Several vulnerabilities are described in this report.

One of them, however, seems to enable a malicious person to compromise the equipment even years... More

5-10-06: Update on TSx report
UPDATE 5-11-06: Public release of Emery County TSx study estimated time of arrival 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time


5-10-06: As the Emery County findings evolve: Diebold's and Georgia's response
Before even seeing the Hursti Report regarding the critical security defects built into the TSx and TS6, here is the state of Georgia's response:

quote:"We are confident the robust and vigorous program of physical and operational security procedures we currently have in place in Georgia- including multiple audits and reviews to assure compliance- erects a strong barrier to prevent outsiders from accessing our voting equipment without our knowledge or without being detected."

"Our county election superintendents (who - unlike officials in other states -- have utilized this system over the last 4 years in hundreds of elections throughout the state) are required to maintain a strict chain of custody on all voting equipment including memory cards."

"At the time they are placed into el... More

5-9-06: The Ohio Election Backwash
Who Is Legally Responsible?

That's what’s being asked around Ohio in the wake of the state’s May 2nd election. No one seems to be able to agree on where the buck stops in the Buckeye State. However, everyone agrees that problems peppered Ohio.

The greatest number of machine, poll worker and technical problems were reported in Cuyahoga, the state's most populous county. Cleveland area citizens are outraged and won't tolerate any more free passes. Many believe the responsibility lies directly with Diebold Election Systems and Cuyahoga Elections Director Michael Vu. Responsibility is also being attributed to Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell.

Senator Teresa Fedor, one of the state legislature's leading advocates for election reform, was critical of Blackwell and his role i... More

5-4-06: Touch-screens fail security tests, Diebold retaliates
This week, the state of Pennsylvania sequestered all Diebold touch-screens to implement an emergency security measure. Several more states are expected to follow Pennsylvania.

The state of Utah has known that a critical security risk exists in its Diebold TSx touch-screens, but chose to punish the courageous public official responsible for identifying the defect instead of taking any efforts to learn what the problem is and correct it.

Below is a link to the security alert faxed to the Utah Lt. Governor, state elections director, Emery County attorney and Emery County commissioners on March 24.

Diebold TSx warning
An Open Letter To The Administrators Of The Emery County Government.doc (35.3 k)

Shoot the messenger

Utah officials ignored the warning entirely, and instead flew ... More

5-4-06: Your chance to get evidence: WV, NE, KY, OR, PA
West Virginia, Nebraska: Next Tuesday, May 9
Kentucky, Oregon, Pennsylvania: Tuesday May 16
(Oregon is mail-in, only some of this applies)

Telling stories about problems you saw is no longer good enough. It doesn't produce much change. Real election reform requires real citizen oversight, and oversight means taking easy steps so you can capture real evidence if an election problem occurs.

Real evidence = audio or video recording, public records, photos

- Voter disenfranchisement (obstruction of voting)
- Voting machine problems (malfunctioning machines and security problems)

Much more detail on the kinds of problems you might see is below. This article concerns the VOTING -- a later article will describe how to oversee the COUNTING. Feel free to distribute... More



05/15/06 Immigration: Bush Speech and more...
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