PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release
23 April 2007

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Michael New Action Fund
Michael New Legal Defense Fund
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Iredell, Texas 76649

Former Army Specialist Michael New's petition to the US Supreme Court, asking them to review his case, and the lack of due process and the sudden change in the legal "standard of review" applied to it, has been denied.  Thus ends a legal battle that began in August of 1995.

What does this ruling mean to Americans?
  1. If you are in the military, it means that you and your attorneys have no right to present evidence in your defense in courts-martial, for evidence has suddenly become "discretionary element" of the prosecution.   This means that, if the judge and the prosecutor want the jury to see your evidence, they will allow it, and if they don't, they will deny it.  And the bottom line on this issue is that no member of the Armed Forces can mount an effective legal defense.  They will be denied due process, and the "standard of review" that has been recognized by all Appellate Courts for over 40 years has just been shredded.  Lawyers will understand the legal chaos and confusion that has just been upheld.

  2. If you are in the military, or considering enlisting, it also means that the Executive Branch now will feel completely at liberty to ignore the US Constitution, and place you in a United Nations uniform, under the command authority of a foreign officer, to pursue a military policy that is distinct from the legal and official policies of the United States of America.  In effect, you may be turned into a mercenary at the discretion of the President.  You are for sale, rent, hire, or loan, as determined by the political party of the moment, and you, or your children, may be ordered to fight, bleed and possibly die for the United Nations, without due process.

  3. If you are a Member of Congress, or are represented there, it means that the Executive Branch may now send our soldiers into war, (under the UN), without bothering with little inconveniences like getting a Congressional Declaration of War.  This, thanks to Presidential Decision Directive #25, which was touted as the legal basis of the order to send Michael New under the UN, in apparent contradiction of existing law and precedent.  The balance of power between the branches of government, as intended by the Founding Fathers, has just been destroyed.

  4. If you are a tinhorn petty dictator, posing no real threat to the United States, it means you no longer have to threaten the USA with words or action - that the President can send troops to invade you without a formal declaration of war.

    There is more, but that's enough to demonstrate that the USA has just experienced a figurative shifting of the tectonic plates of our very existence, and the USA is not what we have all been led to believe it is - our Constitutional Republic is no longer simply sick - it appears to be dead.  If the President can force Americans to fight, without a declaration of war, under foreign powers, then the Republic no longer exists.

    Other than that, it's just another day.  The grass will continue to grow, and the sun will continue to shine.

    And what do we do now?

    We're thinking about that, and considering many options.  This would be a very good time to give us your own thinking on the subject.

    Thank you all, so much, for your support over the past decade.

    Daniel New
    Project Manager

    Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue! 

    This is a U.N.-free Zone   


    Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!

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