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MEDIA POWER: Money, Advertisers, Shaping Opinion
Fri Apr 27, 2007 04:14

MEDIA POWER: Money, Advertisers Shaping Opinion, Legislation

From the 1970's, particularly since the birth of 24 hour global news programming, it hasn't taken a genius to figure America's media is heavily involved in shaping public opinion, resulting in election results, war, legislations, racism, and even in strengthening or destroying people's lives.

News no longer is delivered objectively but dosed continuously to the public by news commentators and talk show hosts who spur emotion, tug at Mom's heart, and anger Grandpa.

It's difficult to know what drives the Media to pick and choose it's topics, or the particular ones it grinds daily, even monthly into the ground. Delivering the same story for months is economically sound for network executives, but is it a fair and honest service to the general public?

We listened to the OJ trial for months. What other trial has warranted 24-hour air time on a major media network for so many months? O.J. Simpson should feel particularly special to have been chosen by those advertisers. In fact he should be added to the Guiness Book for such an accomplishment. His televised trial caused more racism since the 60's riots than Rodney King.

The same advertisers should have had sympathy for Imus, whose cruel and thoughtless, but joking comments were, this time, not ignored but targeted and ultimately used for his destruction. For all other comedians or hosts, the Imus situation sent them back to the drawing board to rewrite every skit, and scrutinize every word. They could be next for destruction. And on air, life is surely paranoid these days, (but not insane.)

Who can forget Elian Gonzalez? We have to remember back to recall what major disaster or catastrophe removed Elian from the tube. Was is the USS Cole bombing? Just to name a few, Chandra Levy's horror story was removed by the WTC bombing. Bill Clinton's Monica-Blue-Dress situation huge story, was replaced by a war in Kosovo.

What's more amazing are the stories covered by Major News which are televised but leave doubt in the minds of viewers regarding the news service, and American systems. They're surely showing the world the ineffectiveness of our justice system, law enforcement, FBI, and CIA. Aruba and the Holloway case; Peterson's trial, WACO, the Oklahoma City bombing, WTC.... just to name a few.

As huge as the Jack Abramoff case is, few Americans know his name. And Louisiana's Jefferson was reelected even though he was caught with $100 thousand dollars cash in his freezer. WHY do Americans reelect criminals? Is it because the MEDIA is not doing it's job?

How many Americans are aware of Mena, Arkansas cocaine, and the CIA's drug running?

Have the firing of eight US Attorneys and their personal situations received equal air time as The Imus Destruction?

Will the eight, fired US Attorneys lives be destroyed because the ADVERTISERS were in favor of Gonzales, the Bush Administration, and his decisions?

Have Major Media Outlets CLEARLY given the American People the facts regarding Jack Abramoff, fired US attorneys, Porter Goss resignation, and the Poker/Prostitute parties, San Diego, Wilkes, Cunningham, military/government contracts, the corruption in Congress, and ongoing investigations? Why not give those stories six months, 24-7 and grind them into the hearts and minds of the American People?

Or would those stories anger or upset the ADVERTISERS?

Why won't the Major Media deliver the facts to the American People equally about all important stories, and dedicate an alloted amount of time, equally?

Surely if there is to be a "Public Stoning" it should be done fairly to each recipient, in all fairness to viewer opinion.

How does the Media decide who they will destroy and who they will not? ADVERTISERS?

Working, voting Americans are too busy to make time to investigate, the Media is aware of it's edge and its ability to shape opinion among thousands of people and households. Of thousands of college campuses, the Virginia Tech incident will lead to legislation. It won't target physicians who misdiagnose and mis-prescribe medications, but will demand Congress give physicians more power to do more of the same.

The MEDIA shapes opinion to believe the American System is as infallible as the Pope, and flawless.

It isn't.

The question is, WHO is enacting laws, and is Congress nothing more than a reactionary institution while the Major Media and it's powerful Advertisers set the stage for change in American life and legalities?

All Americans can hope for is integrity and good conscience from Advertisers who apparently and ultimately fired Imus, and who apparently direct Major Media Executives in sensationalizing certain stories and casting others to the fringes.

If you have an idea for a story, submit it to Major Media, and it probably will be tossed in the garbage. In one American state transplanted Russian doctors were writing unnecessary addictive prescriptions for oxycontin to local inhabitants, spreading the horrors of addiction and aiding an epidemic, but the story never made National News. Tax payers will pick up the pieces.

The best place to find the truth, get the news, in just a few minutes and uninterrupted by annoying Advertising... is on the internet.

The future challenge for those seeking Truth, will be in keeping the Internet: FREE.

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