Bill O'Reilly Admits He Got The Facts Wrong
Thu Apr 26, 2007 01:06

Bill O'Reilly Admits He Got The Facts Wrong In Bill Moyers Hit Piece


Bill O'Reilly offered a correction tonight of two false assertions he made about Bill Moyers during his scathing TPM last night and follow up segment with Michelle Malkin. Although BOR offered the corrections, there was no apology to Moyers and he had the nerve to warn Moyers that he would be watching.

O'Reilly read a letter from Ric Burns,a Moyers staff member, stating that Bill Moyers does not take money from PBS and resigned two years ago from the Board of George Soros' Open Society Insitute .

O'Reilly, with his patronizing smirk, offered the correction and then warned that he would be checking into any finacial gains Moyers was getting from DVD sales or kick backs from PBS.
He again asserted that Bill Moyers was invited to come on his show.

Last night he said about Moyers,
"...PBS is paying him to produce documentaries that are purported to be "objective." Bill Moyers is not objective, has a problem with the truth, and should no longer be receiving taxpayer money. And that is the truth."

Tonight,4/25/07, Moyers Special Report, Buying The War, about the complicity of the media in the lead up to the war, aired on PBS. There was a long lesson of donors credited at the start of the report proving the point that it was not funded with taxpayer money. It was an objective analysis and the New York Times, Washington Post and Networks were singled out more often than FOX.

O'Reilly was shown only twice which will probably annoy him. Both clips illustrated the point that anyone not towing the administration's line was labeled unpatriotic.

1st Clip: " Anyone who hurts this country, will be spotlighted."
2nd Clip: " I will call those who criticize, Bad Americans."

It will be interesting to see if Bill's ego wins out compelling him to play the incriminating clips tomorrow or will he choose to ignore the whole thing.

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Peter Beinart: Beinart was editor of THE NEW REPUBLIC from 1999-2006 and now serves as the editor-at-large for the magazine. He also writes for the WASHINGTON POST, TIME and appears regularly on CNN, NPR and Air America. Beinart, a Rhodes Scholar, is a graduate of Yale University and received a Masters of Philosophy degree in International Relations from Oxford University. During the run up to the war, Beinart was a "liberal hawk," advocating for war on humanitarian grounds, but also arguing that Iraq's alleged nuclear arsenal posed a threat to the United States. Since the invasion, Beinart has reconsidered his position and in both THE NEW REPUBLIC and his book, THE GOOD FIGHT, WHY LIBERALS-AND ONLY LIBERALS CAN WIN THE WAR ON TERROR AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (2006), writing, "I was wrong on the facts. I could not imagine that Saddam Hussein, given his record had abandoned his nuclear program even as the evidence trickled out in the months before the war and I could not imagine that the Bush administration would so utterly fail to plan for the war's aftermath." Beinart's 2002 articles, "Small Talk" and "Backfire" are no longer available free online, however, THE NEW REPUBLIC has collected much of its Iraq reporting and recent articles by Peter Beinart are also online.

Scott Ritter: Scott Ritter was the UN's top weapons inspector in Iraq until 1998, when he resigned claiming President Clinton was too easy on Saddam. Ritter is an outspoken critic of the Iraq War. Ritter is also critical of the role the media played in the days before the invasion. You can hear more from his interview with Producer Kathleen Hughes.

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* "Exclusive: Scott Ritter in His Own Words," TIME, September 7, 2002

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