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I don't know if you had the chance to watch TV last night but it was
an astounding night. First Bill Moyers expose on the media and their
complicity (Buying the War) and then Keith Obermann's poignant stand
up to Giuliani on his statement that electing democrats will mean
death. Unbelievable. Crooks and Liars has reprinted the transcript.
Hot Hot Hot I made a tiny url of it.


My hope is that showing videos such as this one and bringing you the information that the traditional media downplays or hides that it propel you to take action. Call your elected officials, even if they are Republicans. Demand that they stand by their actions in the face of reality, instead of White House spin. Write them. Email them. Call news organizations and demand the same.

The Beltway media and politicians are insulated and isolated. It's going to take a huge tidal wave from outside the Beltway for them to wake up.

Please, please …email this to every person you know, no matter what side of the war/occupation they fall in.

Bill Moyers’ ‘Buying the War’
The Moderate Voice - 1 hour ago
“Buying the War,” a Bill Moyers PBS documentary that aired in most TV markets on Wednesday night, is a powerful bookend to The Big War Story the Media Is ...


YUK! YUK!.... Bill Kistrol on C-SPAN Journal this morning...!

President Bush has vowed to veto any Iraq funding bill that includes a timetable for troop withdrawal. AP. NPR.org, April 26, 2007 After a heated debate over the war in Iraq, the Senate narrowly passed legislation that calls for US ...

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