Rosie * 9/11 Fire Fight * Sitcha * Mind Control
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April 26, 2007 -
Rosie * 9/11 Fire Fight * Sitcha * Mind Control

"To open ourselves to the truth and to bring ourselves face to face
with our personal and collective reality is not an option that can be
accepted or rejected. It is an undeniable requirement of all people
and all societies that seek to humanize themselves and to be free.."

-- Guatemalan Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera
Assassinated April 25, 1998, one day after his speech (and above quote),
when he presented his findings of an in-depth probe into a campaign of
terror against the people of Guatemala waged by their own government.
Rosie * 9/11 Fire Fight * Sitcha * Mind Control,44401,

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