Brad m
Fri Apr 27, 2007 17:36

"Private military companies are becoming a critical
part of 21st century warfare,"

not only that,
but they also comprise a large part of the Iraq fighting force.
When you hear the numbers of soldiers in Iraq,
that does NOT include contractors.
When you hear the numbers about DEAD military in Iraq,
that does NOT include contractors either.

About a year ago (6 months AFTER hurricane Katrina)
I went to get an SBA loan here in New Orleans
Blackwater was in charge of security.

There were 5 SBA workers there, and about 6 people trying to get a loan like me.

There were 6 Blackwater guards, equipped with Mace,
and a couple of guns each.

I heard they were getting paid $600 a DAY just to sit there.

If these guys are so "bad", why does it take 6 of them to secure a building with 6 Katrina victims ?

The guy was a jerk too.
I walked up to the building, and was stopped about 20 ft before i even got there. I was asked if i had any guns, or mace etc...
He wasnt exactly nice about it either.
My (and your) TAX $, for what ???

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