Does America want to win in Iraq?
Tue May 1, 2007 20:33

Dear Patriots,
Does the Bush administration and congress want to win in Iraq? Is the PNAC plan really about spreading freedom and democracy? If this is the plan then why have the neocon cabal and Pentagon officers repeatedly rejected comprehensive plans to create a model "economic" democracy?
Iraq would be a true nation of owners and thousands of lives on both sides would be spared. Americans should know by now that centralized government quickly leads to greedy, corrupt, power hungry politicians who are self-serving. They bow to the demands of the banks and corporations.
The only way to save Iraq is diffuse power among individuals and communities. If necessary the Iraqi government can be by-passed to implement empowerment and economic development strategies. The use of non-profit democratic non-government organizations should be on the front lines and can serve as an unbiased buffer to stabilize circumstances that are spiraling out of control.
We can call it PROJECT FOR NEW IRAQ and create a win-win situation. The only losers will be the status quo,the establishment, bankers and oil barons. I am willing to go to Iraq and negotiate a cease fire and lay the foundation for this noble endeavor. A team of qualified peace activists and retired U.S. military will assist. Run this up the flagpole and get back to me ASAP. Time is running out...

In Peace,

Daniel E. Moore,Founder/Pres.
A.C.E. Network Mission

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