Verizon’s actions could limit the freedom you
Thu Apr 26, 2007 21:22


VerizonŽ has pursued litigation against Vonage™ in an effort to achieve in court what it cannot achieve in the marketplace. Verizon has sued Vonage over patents they claim cover all of VoIP. Why?

Verizon’s actions could limit the freedom you – and every U.S. consumer – have in choosing your phone service. When competition is stifled, consumers literally pay the price. And in a fair, free market economy, no entity should be able to cripple or eliminate companies seeking to provide more (and better) alternatives.

DON’T BELIEVE IT? Verizon said it themselves in court, that these patents, when they filed for them, would be used to “screw” competitors. If this case stands, it threatens not only Vonage, but potentially the entire competitive VoIP industry. This is why Vonage is fighting “The Man” – and you can, too. It’s all about choice, freedom and savings, and it’s time that you have a voice in protecting the number of phone providers, competitive prices and future innovations you deserve.

Get smart and speak out! Tell Verizon what you think and sign the petition.

Dear Friends,

This letter (paragraph below) is advanced by VONAGE: the people that made VOIP happen. The Private Solution implemented by VONAGE has helped liberate Communications and all that such liberation implies. It is no wonder that Verizon wishes to close this open gate to retain what remains of telephone MONOPOLY. The government has even initiated measures to replace the current INTERNET with a NEW INTERNET that government controls. I hope you have had enough of this and will exercise your POWER to contain the renegade government and the monopolists that government protects.

I'm writing to tell you about, a website to educate consumers about tactics that big companies use to stifle competition in the marketplace. What if we only had one bank? What if we only had one car manufacturer? What if we only had one phone company? Did you know that Verizon is trying to achieve in court what it cannot achieve in the marketplace? That's what some big companies resort to. Doesn't affect you? Just think what your phone bill would be if you didn't have a choice.

Let Your Voice Be Heard - Petition at

Your Friend,

Reinhold Sommerstedt

  • Verizon’s actions could limit the freedom you — Reinhold Sommerstedt, Thu Apr 26 20:22

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