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It seems Texas is a maverick state involving more than oil barons or unbranded calves or yearlings. Along with the First Family, the State can boast of its execution record as well as it's size. Giving this Great Southern State credit where credit's due, Texas was hospitable in welcoming the transplanted, Bush family from Connecticut. But now can Texas be as prideful as ever for supporting and advancing the dynastic family's agendas and investments?

Oil, pharmaceutical drugs, mind altering drugs, CIA, execution, Contras, are a few words that ring "Bush." Research a little with your favorite search engine, and be prepared to 'put yer waders on.'

[This article paraphrases and references written articles for informative purposes. Please follow the links to find authorship and full text within for your reading pleasure.]

Very interesting article at Mr. Wayne Madsen's site in reference to the Virginia Tech Shooter, and a medical tracking system by a private, pharmaceutical controlled company - Bush connected. Mr. Madsen writes,

"The first such mental health reporting program, called the Texas Medication Algorithm Program (TMAP), was initiated in Texas by then-Governor George W. Bush as a program to screen mental patients for mandatory psychotropic drug use."

"According to our sources in the mental health community, a private company, Comprehensive NeuroScience, Inc., tracks mental health patients and their psychotropic drug prescriptions and, furthermore, law enforcement has access to this data.

"Comprehensive NeuroScience (CNS) is a subsidiary of Big Pharma firm ELI LILLY, a company that has close financial links to the Bush family."

"As far as the federal government reporting to ABC News that Cho had no records in their systems concerning anti-depressant use, they failed to consider the records of CNS, which tracks those who have prescriptions for anti-depressants. "
The latest act of state-sponsored medical insanity has been announced by the Bush administration with their so-called New Freedom Commission on Mental Health that plans to conduct mental-health screening on all children and adults in the United States. As people are screened under this plan, they will of course be put on highly-profitable and extremely expensive psychotic drugs and anti-depressant drugs, which are manufactured by the very same companies that have donated heavily to the Bush administration and Bush re-election efforts.
[Today, as another "RED SQUARE" domino falls, the following information is made public]
"WASHINGTON (April 28) - Randall Tobias , head of the Bush administration's foreign aid programs, abruptly resigned Friday after his name surfaced in an investigation into a high-priced call-girl ring, said two people in a position to know the circumstances of his departure.

Before joining the administration, Tobias was a director and chairman of ELI LILLY and Co., the Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company."
[Anyone who has been preoccupied with "TRUTH" has crossed more than once whispers and hints of the Bush family's connection with the CIA, ELI LILLY, and family initial wealth acquired by ancestral war investments in Nazi Germany. What's more interesting is whether the family has used political position and powerful connections to create more wealth, or to further an agenda foreign to most Americans.]

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(CBS) ..................Just before President Bush signed the homeland security bill into law an unknown member of Congress inserted a provision into the legislation that blocks lawsuits against the maker of a controversial vaccine preservative called "thimerosal," used in vaccines that are given to children.

Drug giant ELI LILLY and Company makes thimerosal. It's the mercury in the preservative that many parents say causes autism in thousands of children – like Mary Kate Kilpatrick.............
In the 1940s, ELI LILLY pharmaceuticals oversaw MK Ultra experiments using mescaline and LSD. George Bush has been a director of ELI LILLY as well as director of the CIA at a time when much paperwork concerning MK Ultra accidentally surfaced.

Did the MK Ultra legacy pass from father to son? There is an interesting tie concerning G.W. Bush. While Governor of Texas, he oversaw the execution of 130 inmates.
These "special operations" were funded by the CIA through various intermediaries. Some had large financial interests in drug experiments. One such company was the ELI LILLY Company who told the CIA at its height of LSD manufacture that it could supply tons of the drug. George Bush, who was a CIA DIRECTOR and DIRECTOR OF THE PRESIDENT'S U.S. DRUG TASK FORCE, was also director of ELI LILLY Company from 1977-1979. (The Big Book of Conspiracies, Doug Moench, p. 111).
More than one journalist has uncovered corrupt connections between the Bush Family, psychiatry, and Eli Lilly & Company, the giant pharmaceutical corporation.

Lilly’s soaking state Medicaid programs with Zyprexa—its blockbuster, antipsychotic drug—may pack the greatest financial wallop.

in 2003, Zyprexa grossed $2.63 billion, 70 percent of that attributable to government agencies, mostly Medicaid.

Eli Lilly intrigues include:
* Influencing the Homeland Security Act to protect itself from lawsuits
* Accessing confidential patient records for a Prozac sample mailing
* Rigging the Wesbecker Prozac-violence trial
( This week, Jeb Bush faces his first executions as governor.
Florida recently replaced its electric chair after it malfunctioned in 1997, when Pedro Medina's head caught fire as he was executed. However, lawyers representing death row prisoners and human rights organizations say that the Florida Department of Corrections has failed to make over $200,000 in repairs to the electrical system itself, which is over 40 years old.
( At that time, one of Gonzales’ most important jobs was to brief Bush on each execution in the state. During Bush’s six years as governor, there were 152 executions. For the first 57 of those cases, Gonzales wrote a briefing – an “execution summary” – for those Bush to review.
------AND FINALLY-----
George H. W. Bush Sr, who is reported to have commented: 'If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us all up on lamp posts'. That may well yet happen.
Next, how do American Illegal Drug Traders and Drug Runners, Mena, Arkansas, Barry Seal and "Poppy" Bush fit into all of this?

But remember, if you go broke or become ill while investigating, and have no healthcare, don't even THINK of filing bankruptcy. Just plan on joining the millions of other American families in working poverty and be happy to get free medicaid pills 'n healthcare.

( Better re-size those waders...... Whew!)

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