Fielda Michelle Looney
"Slam Dunk" is More Common Than You Think.
Mon Apr 30, 2007 14:35

After waiting far more than three years for truth, Americans should be grateful to Mr. Tenet's courage in coming forward regarding the failures of American Law Enforcement, Leadership, and Intelligence Communities. Perhaps by purchasing his book we will learn more about Able Danger, about Building #7, Flight 77, and other coincidences and questionable circumstances.

Maybe we will understand how the past fifty years of profitable, well-organized drug and mafia organizations operating on American soil with foreign connections have continued to thrive and exist, poisoning and devastating American communities, families and children while enriching the thriving black market's foreign bank accounts, and underworld figures college funds.

Maybe we'll understand the past decades and rumors of the CIA, Kennedy Assassination, MK-Ultra, LSD, Operation Northwoods, and other "conspiracy" stories which have circulated America while interested entities have been unable to satisfactorily uncover the Real Truth.

Americans certainly understand that Mr. Tenet and all Congressional members, Law Enforcement, and White House Employees have families and children they care for, surely as much as other Caring American Parents strive to provide their children with the happiest, most successful futures.

However while some children comfortably have the opportunities of college and family connections and most expensive advice readily available, others don't. While some children are protected by secret service officers, or live in gated communities, others don't. And while some children are losing limbs and lives in Iraq, others will never know the horrors, suffering, or lifelong sacrifices.

America is not a classless society, and far too often Americans have witnessed or experienced, "Unequal Justice Under the Law" because of it.

Let's hope more resigned, retired or former leadership aware of the failures of intelligence and government will finally and courageously step forward and clarify confusions of at least recent past tragedies, for anxious Americans and grieving families. Many folks in New York City will never recover from losses and failing health, in inhaling the debris from all the fallen buildings.

Mr. Tenet's willingness and courage in informing Americans offers hope others will come forward, and that Americans will finally know, accept and understand: The Real Truth.

It should be comforting for Mr. Tenet to know he's not alone. Many Good, Honest Americans have endured varying forms of American-Style "Slam Dunk," which can be calculated, planned, painful, horrifying, enduring, unpleasant and ongoing - experiences often destructive to the entire family. It's ironic how often law enforcement, lawyers, and court members can be "Slam Dunk" team players sometimes even unbelievably intertwined with darker figures.

I'm sure Mr. Tenet is aware of it, as no government entity is as well trained in planning an assassination, toppling a government or discrediting a world leader: as the CIA. 

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