April 19: A Day of Death--The Number 23 cult or revolution
Fri Apr 20, 2007 18:26

Possible "Signature" of cult in events:

The V Tech shooting has some interesting marks to it, besides the fact that the shooter had the marks of a Manchurian Candidate, the use of psychotropic drugs and Game-imagery training (he was expert in the Counter-Terrorism game), coupled with an abusive and bullied adolescence, all the elements of Mind Control, whether coincidental or deliberate. Parents strangely absent, he was prey to whatever captured his attention, figuratively or literally.

April 16, 2007 V Tech Shooting, includes these marks, the typical "signature" of the new world order Judeo-Masonic "11"-derivative. Like 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, and 11/22, et al, (yes, and 7/4/76--with 11 and 13 in that date)
this too stands out. It appears to be the number of Revolutions and 13 of rebellions. Consider all the "11" (mostly due to human labeling that day) on 9/11.

--It was interestingly noted, that April 16,2007 (4-16-2007) sums to 29, and 2+9=**11**.

--There were "**33** killed" (including Cho) at the V Tech shooting.

What are the mathematical probabilities of matching 11 signatures in two events that day? Cho was in CONTROL of both the DATE and the NUMBER of victims, and after 32 he shot himself, "mission accomplished". Was that deliberate? He certainly acted like on a "mission", including massive propaganda to ***NBC which was then aired on when?--APRIL 19TH!***

Now consider this, along with the posters listing of April 19th dates, mostly violent revolutionary acts, that this date sums to "23", which has recently been made into a movie. (I find it interesting they do not use "11", which is more remarkable). IT SEEMS THAT ANY CRIMINOLOGIST SHOULD CONSIDER THE MARKS OF A "SIGNATURE" IN ALL OF THESE EVENTS, by secret societies that are superstitious in doing things by ritual.

The Number 23 (including April 19; 4+19) could be the signature and mark of a revolutionary cultus.

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