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Thu Apr 19, 2007 14:09

The gov has certainly "tipped" its hand this time by the extreme and shocking info given to the public via the news media re: the "killer" at virginia tech.

They have basically OVERKILLED the news w/such awful info about this guy; IF he was to "unstable" "crazy" etc., WHY was he even allowed on campus, HOW was he maintaining his grades to stay in class if he was so "unbalanced"?

Early this am at Drudge Report there were SO many red headlines degrading this guy that many questions came to my mind regarding him even remaining a active, class attending student at V Tech.

They claim among many things that he was on prozac, but yet NO physician has been quoted nor identified as his prescribing physician for that medication; that seems pretty strange considering ALL of the information that was been fed to the public via our phony, government led news media.

Another thing, late Tuesday evening (4/17) did you know that Wikipedia (the free, online encyclepedia) ALREADY had posted ALL of the info about this guy AND the number of killings? Ain't that a little weird, just a little too fast.

People wake up!!! This was very well planned killing with the objective to delay the Gonzales trial and his testimony AND the letter due to have been presented on Monday to Congress from the Ohio senator demanding impeachment proceedings being against Georgie Porgie (Bush) and others.

It just maked me physically ill to watch Georgie Progie and dumb downed Laura appear at the memorial at VTech on Tuesday when NEITHER seemed to really give a damn about ALL of the thousands of citizens (many to never even be identified) that died at New Orleans as a result of hurricane Katrina (which by the way was a man-made and controlled hurricane, as was Rita).

Granted, 32 people were killed at Vtech and it was tragic; however, thousands died in New Orleans, thousands have been scattered across the U.S., the government was boldly stated that the parish nearest the dams that were litterally blown up will NOT be rebuilt; persons have been displaced w/no compensation for their loss of property and most tragic from this (besides the thousands of lives lost) are the kids and their emotional after shock. WHERE ARE THE BUSHES CONCERNS FOR THESE A M E R I C A N S?

HURRAH for Rosie O'Donnell her bringing out the Katrina/New Orleans comparison to Vtech and the bush's response to each!!!!

G O R O S I E!!! and kept hammering 'em about 9/11!!!!

Yes, Vtech was tragic; yes, innocent people died; BUT if the shooter was so unstable WHY was he being allowed to remain in his classes (even though an instructer had previously thrown him out of class) and on campus; makes no sense EXCEPT to explain and confirm, yes he was a manchurian candidate called into action, which also explains his "different" behavior witnessed by those around him prior to his "running amuke."


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