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Gonzales Can't Recall Meetings That Led to Attorney Firings
Thu Apr 19, 2007 22:05

t r u t h o u t | 04.19

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Jason Leopold | Gonzales Can't Recall Meetings That Led to Attorney Firings
Embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified Thursday before a Senate committee that he could not recall the details of any of the meetings he participated in over the course of two years, in which he and his staff discussed a plan to fire eight US attorneys.

Doolittle Resigns Committee Post After Home Searched in Corruption Probe
Rep. John Doolittle has decided to temporarily give up his Appropriations Committee seat after the FBI searched his house in a Congressional influence-peddling investigation.

New Hampshire Governor to Sign Bill Allowing Civil Unions
Gov. John Lynch told The Associated Press on Thursday he will sign legislation establishing civil unions in New Hampshire. New Hampshire thus will become the fourth state to adopt civil unions and the first to do so without first having a court fight over denying gays the right to marry.

NOW | Did America's Mistakes Create the Iraqi Insurgency?
NOW's David Brancaccio speaks with two very different men who allege that US bungling in Iraq created and fueled the deadly insurgency. Paul Hughes, a retired Army colonel, was part of the transition team after the US invasion of Iraq, and Omar Fekeiki was a Washington Post reporter and translator who risked his life to help US journalists.

Environmentalists Oppose Governments' Investment in Nuclear Energy
Several governments are planning new investment in nuclear energy, ignoring opposition by environmental scientists who say that nuclear power is not a solution to providing carbon-free energy.

Boxer: Time for Bush to Act on Climate Change
Sen. Barbara Boxer promised to pressure the Bush administration to adopt California-style global warming regulations, telling reporters today the Supreme Court "handed us a gift" with its recent landmark decision authorizing the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce greenhouse gasses as a pollutant.

Study Warns of Health Risk From Ethanol
If ethanol ever gains widespread use as a clean alternative fuel to gasoline, people with respiratory illnesses may be in trouble. A new study out of Stanford says pollution from ethanol could end up creating a health hazard for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Payoffs to Colombian Terrorists by US Corporations Scrutinized
Chiquita Brands International's recent admission that it paid off a Colombian group on the US terrorist list has spotlighted a practice once hush-hush in Colombia, Washington's closest ally in Latin America. Several other US-based corporations, including Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and the Alabama-based coal company Drummond Co., face civil lawsuits alleging their Colombian operations worked with the same group to kill several trade unionists.

Thousands of Workers From US-Run Mine in Indonesia Protest
Thousands of workers from a giant US-run mine in Indonesia's remote Papua province staged a noisy but peaceful protest Wednesday amid tight security, demanding better wages and welfare.

Court's Abortion Ruling Undercuts Roe
The Supreme Court's ruling Wednesday upholding a federal abortion ban sent a wave of dismay across reproductive health groups Wednesday. The law, barring some abortions after 12 weeks, was held back by successful legal challenges for more than three years because the law includes no exception for protecting the health of the woman. It now may become effective within three weeks.

FDA Formalizes Proposal to Regulate Herbs, Vitamins
The federal Food and Drug Administration is proposing to regulate a wide variety of alternative medicine products, from vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to lotions and stones used by massage therapists.

VIDEO | Willie Nelson Speaks to Truthout
Willie Nelson was among those honored at the first annual Camp Casey Peace Awards. Truthout's Geoffrey Millard had an opportunity to sit down with the country music legend. Willie spoke about his opposition to the war, his biodiesel-fueled bus and his commitment to working with farmers.

VIDEO | Pelosi: "The President Is Not King"
On the "Today Show," Nancy Pelosi sat down with Campbell Brown to discuss her trip to Syria as well as the stand-off between the White House and Congress over war-funding. Pelosi said: "The president is not king, the president is the president of the United States. America is a democracy. We have to make decisions based on our judgment. Thus far, the president's judgment hasn't been good in terms of, say, for example, the war on Iraq. So with all due respect to the president and the role he has, we want respect for the role we have. And members of Congress have gone on fact-finding trips since our country began. We're not going to stop because the president wants to avoid the facts and doesn't want to engage in dialogue."

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Protesters at the University of Georgetown (maybe?) who stood holding that sign with hoods over their faces to protest Attorney General Gonzales' spin on the warrantless wiretapping scandal. The people standing with no hoods spontaneously joined the protest when it occurred.
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