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The following provides a look at some of the 21 executions and failed executions that have taken place in Colorado in only the past 12 months.

Jerry Norris: suspected of watching TV, July 26, two shots
David Grodney: suspected of shoplifting July 23, eight shots
Joshua Torres: suspected of speeding July 19, three shots
*Hakijah Ogobonna: suspected of assault July 18, one shot
Christopher Cali: suspected of being suicidal July 17, two shots
Christopher Olguin: suspected of assault July 7, one shot
*Richard Dutson Jr: suspected of purse snatching July 8, 42 shots
Michael Jackson: suspected of assault May 8, one shot
Larry Olsen: April 21, aggravated assault, four shots
Brandon Meraz: suspected of traffic violations April 14, five
*Ascary Macias: suspected of car theft April 14, one shot
*Joseph Daniel Martinez: suspected of aggravated assault April 8, two shots
*Jamie McIlrath: suspected of acting erratically Mar 14, one shot
*David Mercado: suspected of bank robbery Feb. 28, one shot
*Brian Pannebaker: suspected of being suicidal Feb. 8, two shots
*Abran Lovato: suspected of running Feb. 3, three shots
Matthew Arroyo: suspected of car theft Jan. 18 2001, one shot
*Bruce Graham: suspected of lighting a fire Oct. 19 2000, four shots
Bryant Wynn: suspected of robbery Oct. 18 2000, one shot
*Eric Vantslot: suspected of violating restraining order Aug. 29 2000, two shots
*Mark Anthony Russell Jr.: suspected of disturbance Aug. 16 2000, one shot

* Killed


Anyone who doesn't recognize that a police state is being erected right in front of their eyes is either in a state of denial or welcomes a repeat of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler. Two months ago a woman named Deborah Davis was reading a book while riding to work on a public bus. When her bus stopped outside the gates of the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado (only three miles from my former home in Lakewood), a guard climbed aboard the bus and demanded that all the passengers produce identification. Mrs. Davis didn't bite:

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