Fielda Michelle Looney
Hitler, his Doctor, his Drugs
Tue Apr 24, 2007 00:03

By April 1945 Hitler was taking 28 different pills a day along with numerous injections (including many of glucose).

Morell kept a medical diary of the drugs, tonics, vitamins and other substances he administered to Hitler, usually by either injection or in pill form. Most were commercial preparations, some were his own. Since some of these compounds are considered toxic, many historians have speculated Morell may have accidentally contributed to Hitler's poor health. This fragmentary list of representative ingredients would have seemed somewhat less shocking during the 1940s:

* Potassium bromide
* Nux Vomica (a form of strychnine)
* Atropine
* Sodium barbitone
* Oxedrine Tartrate
* Chamomile
* Testosterone
* Prophenazone
* Caffeine
* Belladonna
* E. coli
* Dihydroxycodeine
* Sulphonamide
* Cocaine (via eye drops)
* Enzymes
* Vitamins
* Amphetamines
* Methamphetamine
* Proteins and lipids derived from animal tissues and fats

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