Two Photos Of Cho Show Different Men (?)
Fri Apr 20, 2007 22:35


Two Photos Of Cho Show Different Men (?)

April 18, MSNBC, Scarborough Country -- Michele Kosinski reports at about 10:13 PM eastern time that Cho's roommates say they do not recognize him in the film from the package sent to NBC.


I believe it is the same person, and the images differ for good reason. In the first picture, a school ID shot, Cho is a bit slimmer and facing the camera directly. Someone else is shooting. In the second, he is clearly suffering the full effects of his madness (shot the day of the killings -- he looks exhausted and dazed), is a bit fatter, sans glasses and it is a video camera freeze frame where he is turning the camera down to shoot his own face, the camera somewhat elevated, so it foreshortens his appearance, especially the ears. The video image is a bit distorted and wide which is also not uncommon. In the first pic, he has hair, in the second he is shaved, almost bald. Compare the facial features, they are the same. Compare the lips, shape and size of the mouth along with the philtrum (the groove under the nose) above the lip. If you look closely, though the lighting is bad in the second shot, the uneven pigmentation of the sides of his lower lip are exactly the same. The arc and pitch of the eyebrows is the same. The eyes are the same, though with utterly different expressions from one pic to the next. The peculiar curl at the top of his left (our left) ear is evident in both shots. The two pictures are different because they were taken at two different occasions using two completely different photographic mediums and methods.


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