Fielda Michelle Looney
Mandatory Mental Health Testing
Sat Apr 21, 2007 11:47

Below is a very interesting site regarding "Mandatory Mental Health Testing." Since the Virginia Tech Massacre, and copy-cat crimes possibly occurring around the country, certainly the government will attempt to find ways of preventing such catastrophes. We should hope the government also would find ways to better define "mental illness," with an ability to prove scientifically its biological existence free of external causes, including mind altering drugs, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, poisons, and/or any external force which would create paranoia, or extreme, unwarranted emotional stress.

Unfair tagging of families and children, with medical, insurance, industrial, and governmental databases maintaining records continues a growing infringment in innocent private lives, threatening to life, liberty and happiness.

While Americans are guaranteed "Rights To Privacy," continuing and growing corruption at higher levels reminds us our system is imperfect and man-monitored, and man-made.

FILEGATE proved laws were made to be broken. Elections can actually grant licenses for criminal behavior with a ticket for great wealth and success.

The site below offers valuable information for all Patriots.

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