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From: Cathy Garger
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Sadly, those who study radiation's effects are not laughing about the news story that tried to link the disappearance of bees to cell phones. What simpletons they think we are!

Yes, when many of us read the news earlier this week that blamed cell phones as the cause of radiation causing the bee population's dramatic decline, we knew that the spin was now officially being spun as the beginning of the end of life as we know it on this planet. The frog population, too, has been hard hit. No doubt we will only be hearing more and more about those darn cell phones and cell towers harming one species after another over the upcoming years.

When I was a child way back in the 60s, it used to be that cancer was a relatively rare thing. Now it seems that just about everyone I talk to has at least one friend or family member suffering from it.

Can Americans not see what is going on here?

Here near Baltimore, we were told that our high cancer rates were so high due to smoking and other "lifestyle choices" in the inner city. Meanwhile, other cities of comparable size were not experiencing the same high cancer rates. Never once did the newspapers hint that cancers could be coming from the nearby Aberdeen Test Center outside Baltimore, the command center for military munitions testing for the Army, which has used Depleted Uranium right on the Chesapeake Bay for years.

Anti-DU activists say we are nuking our own, meaning our soldiers. What is not often mentioned, however, is that we are actually also domestically nuking our own, meaning our own citizens, right here inside our own nation, too.

Cathy Garger

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Hi, several years ago i saw the film "Invisible wars, DU" and saw a connection between the radiation exposure from that and the radiation exposure from cell phones before you laugh please compare these radiation effects animals - 2007 radiation effects people - feb 2000 radiation effects people - 1999 please respond, thankyou ------------------- ALSO SEE: DU ALERT.....

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

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