[AmericanDUST] Video: Depleted Uranium: Poisoning Our Planet
Sat Apr 21, 2007 15:09

There is a very good video in which a pathologist explains in simple terms some of the damages of Uranium upon the body as well as some good testimony by Dennis Kyne http://www.denniskyne.com/

a former combat medic and drill Sergeant in the first Gulf War. Dennis delivers a bombshell near the end of the video that we all must act upon regarding the testing of our soldiers.

While I am not similarly impressed with the newspaper article that accompanies this video, Depleted Uranium: Poisoning Our Planet, regretfully there is no way to share this great video clip without the article.

So enjoy the video.


Cathy Garger

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger - savorsuccesslady3@yahoo.com

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