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Subject: one individual
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 20:12:46 EDT
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I am flattered that someone actually read and basically approved of what I wrote in regards to bullying! But I am a little worried about the redirecting of my concern with only one target - and usually the same target, as the example used by others to make … my point!

It’s quite clear that many of you indulge in the “hate” existence and that you obviously “hate” one individual; and therefore blame all form of occurrence and tragedy past and present on this one individual!

Look let’s get “down-to-earth”, and let’s apply a little logic:

There is no –ONE- individual, in any country, that possesses the power that you accredit to this given individual! In all forms of government there will be at-least three specific [two the least] groups (mind you, more than one person if not more than one interest group) that come to terms and consensus over the policy that is to be followed through regardless of support or opposition!

In our government today, we have a predominantly democrat representation! This representation, while you may find them to be cowards in the face of your most “hated” individual, is the opposition of that given individual you insist is - with some unparalleled force running, in your expressed opinions, the entire world … not to mention nature itself! Yet the opposition has provided the backing for what is and will be! Consider the IQ, the global support, the mesmerizing looks, charm, and charisma, let alone the energy, health, and courage, and the supernatural command required for such a task as the one you attribute to this given individual! Only the great (recognized or not) J-C possessed such CONTROL; and yet while His name and life echo from horizon to horizon, touching every culture in existence whether accepted by them or not, He does not posses full control of even one city … yes millions of souls – yes … but not all in one city!

LOOK, “hate” will devour you quicker than cancer, and one of its first symptoms is irrationality! Don’t get blinded by your own anger and/or fear! Even the devil himself (if such exists) is not in need of one individual when there are so many willing to do his bidding! Beside neither you nor me, nor any given democrat - liberal or not, could have done any better nor maybe … any worse, than that … individual!

Stop blaming centuries of life at the disposal of humans, especially nature, on a man who has lived only decades!

E. Garcia Mission, TX


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