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Bee's, movies, bird flu and coming attractions.
Mon Apr 23, 2007 01:35

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Subject: [ThePowerHour] Bee's, movies, bird flu and coming attractions. Private thoughts.
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 06:26:22 +0000
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Bee deaths could be from cell phone microwaves and they confuse the bee's directional guidence systems. Einstein said it would take 4 years before the food chain would collapse without bee's. Countries without cell phone towers would have bee's and would be in a very profitable position if that is the cause. I can't help but think of Bush's 100,000 acres with the biggest water aquifer in South American in Paraguay. It is a very poor underdeveloped country so the bee's would be safe plus they haven't any GM altered foods, or not many.

Bee's are not going to cause our demise as we have not had the rapture or the 7 year tribulation. Problems yes.

However, water, food, and shelter are the three things you need to survive. During the trib food is very scarce and people will work all day for their daily bread. This is called sustainable development, but could also be caused by bee's and lack of rain. Keep in mind HAARP and the contrails that stay in the air for hours, they seem to have caused Magellan's disease.

One thing that has come to mind of late is it seems to me that there are movies made that predict or brag about what the elite have or will do as some of you already know. I watched the Constant Gardener again and was struck again by how it parallels what we know already. No surprise to some of you more knowledgeable than this useless eater, but it seems to be pressing in more and more. I just heard that 40 million Ethiopians are going to die of aids. The silent acceptable killer like the flu. If someone did find the cure, and it has been rumored there is one already, what would it profit those doing research or the drug companies to have a cure when they are getting rich selling other drugs to keep people alive? Same can be said of cancer. It is more profitable to drag out the cure than it is to stop the disease. Think about polio and how much more money would have been spent treating people than the simple vaccines we now use.

The bird flu is a done deal among certain military and other government officials around the world. There has been a new flu vaccine of late that is being rushed to market. Didn't the government pass laws recently that exempted the drug companies from law suits on newly developed drugs. The federal government bought several million Tami (sp) flu shots that appear now to be of no value, another boon doggel with our money.

Based on what little I have been able to gather it looks like people are finally waking up concerning guns and we may escaped any more restrictions, for now. it ain't over until the fat lady sings and she is only warming up.

Inflation is up in Japan and it seems fiat money like the dollar is having a hard time. US Secretary Paulson is threatening China with trade restrictions or tariffs if they don't adjust their currency. They have thumbed their nose at us before and Paulson is going around the TV circuit stating this ahead of the meeting letting them know WE ARE REALLY SERIOUS. Well duh. They are spending dollars as fast as possible tying up oil, gas, and metal contracts which will make life hard for the US in the near future and I might add right under our noses in Canada among other places. It makes me wonder if Paulson who is only going to be in office another year and a half isn't just making useless chatter as he made $700 million at Goldman Sachs mostly from China interest. As far as I know Goldman Sach's is the only bank to have interest in China. I wouldn't count on Paulson doing anything to rattle China when he has his old company in a prime position to make tons more money. Don't expect China to help us anyway, they know we are going down financially.

I have heard that the fourth quarter is going to be when gold goes up even more, but with Rothschild's holding the reigns at the Bank of England who knows. The price has been held down for months. China is buying and so is India as well as other countries who are getting out of the dollar and going into the EURO. Haven't kept up with it as it doesn't much matter from where I sit other than when the price goes up it's due to inflation which it is now. When gold goes up we are that much closer to the end of the story.

The end of April will be when the USA has a big military let's pretend we're attacked dry run, but there is information that IF we are to strike Iran it would have to be by then also. WHO BLOODY KNOWS?

No matter what happens on our shores we are not going to give up the 14 bases in Iraq and of course we would have to fight the war on terror even harder and sacrifice in similar ways as the populace during WWII. We do not have the manufacturing base so jobs would not be plentiful only joblessness would abound as the economy would go into a recession or depression. Food could very well be an issue and "individual health care" would pass without a whimper as the people would vote themselves a raise to save money. Childcare paid for by the government as our public schools and the buildings are there, so are the kids, why not just extend the day? Adults could use the facilities as they will need retraining of every sort, why not use the computers etc? Makes sense don't you think? You can also take your mental health test while your there and plan the family life long learning portfolio during your off school hours.

This was going to be short as I was on my way to bed. So much for great plans. Trust me I could have made this much longer if I could have kept my eyes open.

As ever.

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