Gannongate: I can link Iraq false intel, gay escorts
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Gannongate: I can link Iraq false intel, gay escorts, Nazis, Gannon, crack

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Gannongate: I can link Iraq false intel, gay escorts, Nazis, Gannon, crack -- and even Nick Berg.

Hold onto your hats folks; we are through the looking glass. I have participated in the Gannon wrinkles threads intermittently, but I have always thought that by focusing on Gosch, we are barking up the wrong tree. So I have been focusing on other angles, and I think I have come up with some very, very scary connections. So sorry to not post this in Gannon wrinkles, but this has nothing to do with Gosch.

This is not based on speculation, but on mostly documented links from the MSM and mainstream blogs. It does also rely on some RW sources, but more about that in a minute.

I think that one of the key people in this network -- I wouldn't call it a conspiracy -- is one Todd Blodgett. Blodgett is the head of an advertising or PR agency in DC, called the TAD Agency.

Blodgett first emerges in the 1989 Washington Times expose of gay escorts being taken on midnight tours of the Reagan/Bush WH. These tours were organized by Craig Spence, an associate of Lawrence King of the Franklin credit union S&L looting/boy prostitution scandal. It is frequently claimed that Spence recorded his clients and used his lists/recordings for blackmail and political power purposes. He also claimed to be working for the CIA, although those claims could have been self-serving attempts to deflect prosecution.

At the time this story broke, one person publicly identified as caught up in the credit card lists was Todd Blodgett. He credit card was used to pay for prositutes, but he always maintained that he allowed a friend to use his card. At the time, Blodgett was a protege of Lee Atwater, carrying out negative research on Democrats. In the Reagan/Bush WH he was a staff editorial assistant, then moved on to be advisor to the Bush/Quale campaign as domestic policy advisor.

After leaving politics for the private sector, Blodgett played a peculiar role as a middle man in several transactions seemingly designed to protect the assets of far RW neo-Nazi companies and institutions that were insolvent. He purchased mailing lists from the Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby for $85,000 (which were allegedly worth in the millions), delivering by his own testimony the last $25,000 in cash as 250 $100 bills.

The purpose was to get the lists out of Liberty Lobby ownership, because it was being forced into bankruptcy because of lawsuits by the "revisionist" Institute for Historical Review.

Blodgett similarly came to the rescue of skinhead/neo-nazi Resistance Records. Its owners faced judgments in Canada under that country's hate speech law and in Michigan for back taxes. Blodgett and Carto purchased the record label. After a falling out with Carto, Blodgett brokered the sale of the record label to Turner Diaries author and National Alliance founder William Pierce. This took place in DC's University Club. Blodgett was eventually ejected from membership of the Club once it was discovered he brokered this deal in their building. Washington Post 1/12/00.

Blodgett was a very busy young man running several businesses out of the Kennedy-Warren that landmark building. In addition to his mailing list business and Resistance Records (which the Kennedy-Warren politely asked him to take off premises), it is alleged by TBRNews and Cannonfire blog that Blodgett ran a call boy service.

Cannonfire deconstructs cryptic allegations by TBRNews that Blodgett was running a call boy ring out of the Kennedy-Warren:

TBRNews wrote:

Seems a former White House aide, (Reagan White House) was caught running a male prostitution service and got fired from the Monkey Palace, and later from the RNC for supplying muscular boy toys to some top Beltway gays. Well, after being fired, our bozo got together with a Muslim druggie and set up operations at the Kennedy-Warren, a landmark DC apartment/business complex. They ran a male escort service supplying young studs to older Beltway citizens. Among these citizens were: Federal judges, top political figures, mostly Republican, very senior military people and certainly members of Congress. The head of this service, that utilized credit cards for payment, supplied young men, mostly young servicemen, between 18 to 25 for sex. They kept very complete records, including names and address of the johns as well as credit card receipts. And later there was blackmail and now, I have learned from the inside, this joker has sold the lists to: Iranians( through his partnerís Arab connections) and a gay group in DC. Sold the lists twice and got twice the money. I have seen a partial list and it reads like the DC social register, believe me!

Cannonfire deconstructs this as:

The TRBNews site implies, but does not state, that all of this somehow links up with the Gannon story.

I don't know who wrote these allegations, and I certainly cannot vouch for their veracity -- but I do know the name of the "former White House aide": Todd Blodgett.

Blodgett's name came up in the June 29, 1989 Washington Times story on the Reagan era gay prostitution ring servicing the powerful in DC...


Interestingly, Todd Blodgett has -- like Bruce and (perhaps) Bobby Eberle -- devoted some effort to the business of "taking names" -- that is, compiling mailing lists. He now runs something called the TAB agency, a PR firm in DC. At the same time, he has functioned as a connecting point between the Republican right and the far, far, far right.

As in: Fascist.

end of quotes

Note that Blodgett is accused of pimping "military" type prostitutes. The question is whether this is connected to Gannon's "military" type prostitution ring as well. And back in the 1989 scandal, the allegation also was of "military" type escorts.

Now, who was the "Muslim druggie" mentioned as the business associate of Blodgett? This probably refers to Iraqi exile Joe Aziz aka Aziz al-Taee. They refer to him perhaps unfairly as a druggie because he was prosecuted for selling a huge number of plastic envelopes used for crack, not crack itself, in Pennsylvania where he was in business. He also seems to have had some problems with fraud in connection with his computer and appliance businesses.

So to recap: Blodgett, who was connected to the 1989 Franklin boy sex scandal is accused of having set up a call boy ring in partnership with an Iraqi, Joe Aziz.

Here's where Gannon comes in. Way back when Bush II was trying to build momentum for the war, using faked intelligence from "Iraqi exiles" like Chalabi, Joe Aziz was one such Iraqi exile being shopped around the country by GOPUSA. Aziz was the head of something called the "Iraqi American Council."

Who was the "reporter" for GOPUSA shopping Aziz? None other than our own Gannon/Guckert. Here are the archived websites of Ganon's reporting:

Also, Gannon/Guckert pushed this fake intel into WH press briefings conducted by Ari Fleischer. Campaign Extra website, here:

identifies the following exchange as being between Ari and Gannon/Guckert:

QUESTION: This is about Iraq. On Saturday, I interviewed Aziz al-Taee, Chairman of the Iraqi-American Council. He detailed a compelling body of evidence about the holocaust being waged against the Iraqi people. Why hasn't the administration focused on this aspect of Saddam's regime to justify intervention without U.N. approval? After all, it was the Clinton administration that used ethnic cleansing as a pretext to bomb and send troops into Kosovo.

MR. FLEISCHER: Well, the administration has frequently pointed that out. And Secretary Powell, in his presentation up in New York, described at some length the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein against his own people. And this is something the President remarks about from time to time. What about the cries on the basis of human rights for the people of Iraq who are suffering under the hand of Saddam Hussein? That is an important issue for the world to face, as well, as the consequences of allowing Saddam to have weapons of mass destruction.

Some questions:

Where does Blodgett get his money from for saving assets of far RW institutions?

Did Blodgett really run a call boy ring or is this gossip and innuendo?

If the answer to the above is yes, was Gannon a call boy in Blodgett's ring?

Did Blodgett and or Gannon use blackmail to secure Gannon's position?

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