TVs and DVD recordings in ALL COURTS NOW
Judson Witham
TVs and DVD recordings in ALL COURTS NOW
Fri Apr 29, 2005 12:42

This Is SERIOUS please Forward Too All your contacts. CAT and PEG Public Access TV Stations can be employed to OPEN AMERICAS COURTS and Get The Instant Replay. It keeps EVERYONE Honest. JW

It is also an EQUITY thing and a Judicial Integrity Thing etc and so forth. It makes me sick to see FAMILIES and MARRIAGES, Children's Parents and extended Family BLED for resources in Custody, Divorce and Abuse cases and litigation. The Lawyers and Courts are reaping a ROTTEN Fortune off the backs of FAMILIES needing Spiritual Restoration. Some times good comes from it BUT at what Cost. I am FOR all you do, But I ask, PLEASE challenge the Corruption BS every chance you get.

Judson Witham


The CAMERAS are already at Most All Courthouses and Courtrooms in America. The Senate and Congress are Televised, their are Cameras at banks, Walmart, the City Intersection, and DASH CAMERAS on Most Police Car Dashs. The PUBLIC OWNS the Courtrooms and the Courthouses NOT the Judges and Not The Prosecutors and Not the Police. TURN ON ALL THE CAMERAS in Americas Courts and MAKE DVD's or Video Tapes available to the PUBLIC and LITIGANTS, Defendants at LOW or Actual Cost. The CAMERA setup in the US Senate and US Congress works GREAT, do similarly at ALL Local, State and federal Courts.


THE COURTS ALREADY USE TAPE RECORDERS AND SECURITY VIDEO SYSTEMS those are Government Records I am TOTALLY for PUBLIC ACCESS TO ALL Court proceedings and COPIES at Low Cost for the PEOPLE who own the Courts NOT JUST COMMERCIAL Media like Court TV, CNN, ABC etc... We can use CAT and GEG Public Access Laws to accomplish this under FCC regulations there are PUBLIC OWNED Stations in nearly every major City PLEASE ACT NOW


Groups File Support with New York Court of Appeals

New York, NY - January 28, 2005 - Court TV has now been joined by two amicus groups in its extraordinary effort to seek a determination that the New York ban on cameras in court is unconstitutional. One group consists of ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox, Hearst, NBC-Universal, NY Times, NY1 News, and Time, Inc., and the other group is comprised of press associations, including National Press Photographers Assoc., Radio-Television News Directors Assoc ("RTNDA"), Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Both groups' briefs, filed this week with the New York Court of Appeals, support Court TV's position that the historic right of access to courtrooms is enhanced by the presence of cameras. The briefs argue that technological advances coupled with the fact that most Americans get their news from television, makes cameras in court necessary for the American public to have appropriate access to the courts. Both conclude that the present New York ban on cameras in court is an unconstitutional abridgment of the freedoms of speech and press preserved by both the United States and New York State constitutions.

Said Court TV CEO Henry Schleiff, “We welcome the support of these prestigious groups to the Court TV effort to allow viewers to see, unvarnished, how courtrooms, and, indeed, the entire justice system really works. Hopefully, the cogent arguments from these various entities will have an impact on the Court’s decision.”

It is anticipated that the NY Court of Appeals will hear arguments sometime this spring.

Court TV - The Investigation Channel™ is the leader in the investigation genre, providing a window on the American system of justice through distinctive programming that both informs and entertains. Court TV telecasts trials by day and high-profile original programs like Forensic Files®, Psychic Detectives™, Masterminds™ and Impossible Heists™ in primetime. Court TV is 50% owned by Time Warner, and 50% owned by Liberty Media Corp. The network is seen in over 83 million homes. (   or AOL Keyword: Court TV)

James Hays wrote:
Not only is the attendance of family members a good idea, it is mandatory to get any legislation passed. This is not a "father" thing this is a family movement! Grand Parents have a right to see their children happy and healthy (they worked long and hard for that) and they deserve to have their grand children about and available in their golden years.

Children are also welcome and it is a good civics lesson to let them see the legislative process. Check out the March 2005 Capital e-News at and you will note that Business attire is mandated and professional conduct is mandatory making it family friendly that day.

10:30am is the talk by Senaztor Diaz and his son Asssemblyman Diaz regarding the importance of families which they might find of interest.

Jim Hays,

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