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By Alex Constantine


Short-term memory dissolution proved to be an imperfect science. Abductees often struggle through it to recall details every bit as traumatic as experimentation in the Nazi camps. The 1976 Allagash abductions, for instance, involving four men, all professional artists in their 20s, night-fishing in the wilderness of northern Maine. Two of them were twins (long a fascination of Nazi eugenicists). The UFO approached.... The Allegash Four could remember nothing of the kidnap, but before long the nightmares began. They dreamed of "alien" abductors and invasive surgical procedures. Before long, they recalled hypnotic suggestions to forget the experience, the return to their canoe. One of the men woke up one morning with a tumor on his leg. It was surgically removed and sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for an opinion. Later, the hospital could not explain why the tumor had been sent to a military lab. When the abductee requested his X-rays, the hospital refused to turn them over.
Concentration camps were once used for medical experimentation. In the absence of a Dachau, a highly sophisticated, classified escape vehicle and a fancy brain zapper will do. It was very nearly the perfect crime. There would be loose ends, of course, and the inevitable blowback ...

The Horrible Truth

Crews would tidy up the messes. In 1965, Rex Heflin took a photograph of a flying disk near Santa Ana, California. Shortly, Heflin, a highway inspector, was visited by a man claiming to have Air Force intelligence credentials. The officer confiscated the evidence and it was never returned.
One approach to cloaking the origins and purpose of the program was the use of "experts" to gaslight the public and reinforce the post-hypnotic programming of the subjects. A cover story was promoted widely by hired hands of disinformation -– George Adamski (owner of a hamburger stand one day, "contactee" the next, author of Flying Saucers Have Landed) and William Dudley Pelley (leader of the Neo-Nazi Silver Shirts) led the pack with books and lectures on dashing, blond-haired Aryans from the Dog Star and mantis-like "Grays" – they arrived, post-hypnotic (later virtual reality-supplemented) "visitors" standing in for the criminals at the surgical table, man-handling and cutting into the human subject without anesthesia...
A welter of "experts," most of them with CIA, military or Nazi roots, cropped up like poison weeds to deflect attention from the black core of the Project. The most prominent was C.G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology. In his book Flying Saucer, published in 1959 by Harcourt, Jung attributed the UFOs to group hallucinations or "visual rumors" akin to visions of the Virgin Mary. Prior to WW II, Jung was the leader of a secret occult lodge that pandered anti-Semitic myths of Aryan supremacy, Thule-style, lavishly funded by Edith Rockefeller McCormick, daughter of John D. Rockefeller and heir to the International Harvester fortune. Jung, who hailed from a family of clergy and believed himself a deity, was president of the General Medical Society for Psychotherapy, an organization that promoted Nazi eugenics policy in its journal Jahrbuch für psychologische und psychopathologische Forschungen, edited by Jung. Richard Noll, a Harvard lecturer, observes that Jung himself has emerged since the war as "a clairvoyant sage, a miracle worker, a god-man who earn[ed] his apotheosis through his encounter with the Dead and with God." But in The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung, Noll has only scorn for "the most influential liar of the 20th Century."
Like Jung, proliferating CIA and military intelligence psyop teams diverted attention from classified air machines and human experimentation conducted by doctors from Dachau on Americans, all with federal sanction: Up came Roswell "alien" hucksters William Moore (he confessed at the 1989 MUFON conference that he willingly circulated disinformation on behalf of Air Force Intelligence) and Charles Berlitz (a counterintelligence operative since the start of WW II, according to the Seattle Times-Post Intelligencer); And William Cooper (a two-time military intelligence officer); Andrija Puharich (LSD experimenter, inventor of the CIA’s miniature tooth implant, best friend of accused killer Ira Einhorn); John Lear (military-industrial savant of the extraterrestrial myth); Phil Corso (a domestic Nazi with Pentagon credentials); Bruce Maccabee (Navy, close CIA connections); John Mack (recipient of a $194,000 grant from Laurance Rockefeller), on so on.

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
- Thomas Pynchon

The psyop response to UFO sightings became entrenched as policy with one of the first "investigative" panels, convened in 1953 and chaired by Princeton physicist and weapons designer Dr. Howard P. Robertson – the very same Air Force officer who had directed Project Paperclip’s advance field search teams assigned to unearthing Nazi technology in the immediate postwar period. Dr. Robertson went on to serve on the NSA’s science advisory board under Paperclip’s John Samford. Lloyd Berkner, another Robertson Panel "investigator," was a technical advisor to the CIA. J. Allen Hynek, the famed UFO "authority," beat Carl Jung to the "saucer psychosis" theorum in 1947 when his own UFO committee attributed early sightings to "nonexistent things" and "psychopathic hallucinations."
The Robertson Panel recommended "debunking" all UFO reports. "The ‘debunking’ aim," they wrote, would result in a reduction of public interest in ‘flying saucers.’ A program of "education" to be designed by mental health professionals with bona fidés in social coercion was to be "accomplished by mass media, [especially] television, motion pictures and popular articles." UFO organizations were to be "infiltrated" by the intelligence sector because they threatened to "influence mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur."
One of the most respected authors in the field of UFO studies is Jacques Vallee, mathematician, astronomer and protegé of J. Allen Hynek. Vallee has promoted the ET cover story in books released by Regnery Press, a publishing house with numerous ties to extremist right-wing fronts, particularly the Birch Society, and the Central Intelligence Agency. (Regnery is a spin-off of Human Events magazine, an ultra-conservative propaganda sheet sponsored by the CIA. Alfred Regnery, son of the company’s founder, has made generous contributions to Jerry Falwell, anti-feminist Phyllis Schafley, Ed Meese and other spokesmen of the far-right. Among the "conservative" propaganda tracts unleashed upon an unsuspecting world during the Cold War, count William F. Buckley, Jr.'s God and Man at Yale, Whittaker Chambers' Witness, and Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater. Ultra-cons on the current Regnery roster: David Horowitz, Dick Armey, Ann Coulter and Gary Bauer, among others.)
But on occasion, Vallee has turned against the disinformation brokers and made oblique reference to "the horrible truth." When it was bruited by UFOlogists Cooper and Lear that "aliens" had been spotted at Area 51, Vallee exposed them as quacks in Revelation: Alien Contact and Human Deception (not published by the CIA’s Regnery, but Ballantine in 1992). Vallee was appalled that stories about the Grays "kept intensifying, drawing more and more rational people into a net of mystery, half-documented revelations and hushed-up suggestions that became increasingly ominous." In response to John Lear’s claim that the government has struck a deal with aliens, Vallee wrote: "There is no evidence in our own technology that we have had access to any dramatic inventions which an [advanced] civilization could surely have provided us." Even the "spaceships" are not exactly state-of-the-extraterrestrial-art — they are, in fact, "so unreliable that over FIFTY CRASHES are said to have occurred in the United States alone -– and THEY are supposed to be a billion years ahead of US!"
Vallee also sneers at cattle mutilations as an "alien" covert op: "On the contrary, the perpetrators always look for publicity, avoiding the easy prey of animals grazing in the wild – deliberately killing cows and horses owned by civilian farmers near urban areas and on small ranches where they are certain to arouse public confusion and anger." That is, the mutilations are a psyop strategy "calculated to create terror."

Matter Over Mind

Once upon a time, gray humanoids hurtled across space and time to plant tiny CIA radio receivers in the heads of bipedal guinea pigs. Saucer lore would have us believe that the celebrated "visitors" have implanted thousands, possibly millions of us. If so, it’s odd that every implant recovered should be composed entirely of terrestrial materials, undermining the theory that the implants are alien. An anonymous scientific "skeptic" on the Internet explains: "Our Sun and its planets formed from a gas cloud whose composition was strongly influenced by an unidentified supernova several billion years ago. Any other planetary system would have a slightly different chemical composition, having formed from another cloud and supernova. Thus, an ‘isotopic abundance’ test could determine whether something is from another star system. All the recovered implants as well as all purported pieces from ‘alien craft’ have tested ‘terrestrial.’ Material which differed from terrestrial ratios would furnish strong proof in favor of its alien origin."
A terrestrial ratio suggests a human origin. Yet many well-known "experts" still insist that the implants are "alien." Dr. Terry Johnson, a UFO and paranormal researcher – also a "professional psychic" – in Long Beach, California claims that an abductee endures "hundreds and hundreds of scientific experiments." The "aliens" and the "rogue humans" who have sold out to them, Dr. Johnson lets on, turn the luckless human subjects into "suicide runners." "A musical chord," he says, triggers them to commit violence (resembling for all the world an assassin of the CIA Manchurian Candidate mold), a sound that "has many different levels of information." (A carrier wave?) Johnson warns that puppet abductees are "walking around in Washington, D.C. and other strategic places around the world" with "alien" chips in their brains "that are also audio/video cameras."
A more likely explanation would be an implant of the type described by Dr. Stuart Mackay, a mind control scientist at UCLA, in Bio-Medical Telemetry, published in 1968: "Among the many telemetry instruments being used today are miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally or surgically implanted in man or animals." The transmitter, slipped into the usual body openings, could "sense pH in the stomach, the site of bleeding along the gastrointestinal tract, radiation intensity [and] pressure changes in the bladder due to micturition." It is hoped, he wrote, "that these few preliminary words will give a feeling for the scope of this activity."
A quarter-century later comes the "Soul Catcher" biochip developed by British Telecom, an electronic doodad that Dr. Chris Winter of the company’s artificial-life team acknowledges will have military applications. In the preliminary stage, the chip will be implanted in soldiers to form a communications network in the field linked to GPS satellites. Dr. Winter envisions a dual use for the implant in law enforcement: "Police would be able to use it to relive an attack, rape or murder from the victim’s viewpoint, to help catch the criminal." The chip will be implanted behind the eye. It will record every thought and sensation. It constitutes "the end of death," Dr. Winter predicts. In a few decades, "it will be possible to relive other people's lives by playing back their experiences on a computer. By combining this information with a record of a person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Soul catching is only one application of the emergent microtechnology. The Center for Molecular Electronics in Syracuse recently demonstrated optically-coupled random access memory (RAM). In February 1997, Electronic Engineering Times reported that work on such devices "is drawing fire from civil libertarians and conspiracy theorists." But this isn’t a Fox Network fantasy. "A microchip implant is simply one step beyond a pacemaker." The "mix of electrical engineering and medical technologies to surgically implant computer chip-driven devices is here today."
The telepathic communication reported by abductees isn’t so far-fetched, either. In 1982, Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W. Guy, researchers at the University of Washington on a Naval Intelligence contract, noted in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America that pulsed microwaves "have been heard as sound by radar operators since radar was invented during World War II. The earliest report we have found on the auditory perception of pulsed microwaves appeared in 1956 as an advertisement for the Airborne Instruments Lab in Proceedings of the IRE. The ad described observations made in 1947 on the hearing of sounds that occurred at the repetition rate of a radar while the listener stood close to a horn antenna." The authors note that the auditory pathways are stimulated by "a microwave-biological interaction that has been well quantified and has been widely accepted." The same sort of vibration that makes electrophonics possible "can be produced by other means, e.g. by a laser pulse."
And with it those "suicide runners" can be made. Arizona killer Robert J. Moody fits the bill. He has never denied his guilt. Moody has openly confessed that in November of 1993 he murdered Page Malone, 33, and Patricia Magda, a 56-year-old neighbor at the behest of "Nordic-type aliens." It wasn’t a unique story — this was the third case of "alien" mind control in Pima Country history. Moody, a multiple personality from the intelligence sector, was no workaday serial killer. He once held top security/crypto security clearance status, one of the highest ratings in government. He had Navy Seal training. He had "missing time" experiences in the Marines. He claimed to have been abducted by the "Nordic aliens" repeatedly since the age of four.
Moody was unable to recall the murders. He had a bout of amnesia at the time of his arrest. But the "aliens" paid a telepathic call on him in his jail cell and flashed projections of his hands engaged in the fatal shooting, stabbing and beating of Magda and Malone. He was found guilty and convicted on October 27, 1995. There was a grin on his face when the sentence was read – seems the "aliens" had promised that should he receive the death penalty, they would "resurrect" him.
The visitation in Moody’s cell was a set of virtual reality projections to the visual cortex, another capability of the mind control mafia.
An "alien" contactee in southern California informs us that she was subjected to a series of virtual reality episodes preceded in January 2001 by "a beeping sound that began in my left ear." She was electronically harassed day and night, subjected to sleep deprivation, no longer able to work. "I then experienced something akin to what I had been researching – a mind control program of unknown origin. I heard low chanting in the left hemisphere of my brain and ‘heavenly’ music in my right hemisphere. My heart began behaving abnormally. My digestive system was impacted and I became thinner and thinner. I went to several hospitals trying to discover if assistance could be provided and discovered that the medical community provides no answers or intervention. I was led to believe that there were a group of competing ‘extraterrestrials’ occupying the earth. I would ask all to reconsider what it really means to have ‘alien’ contact."
She believes that the evident decline in her health (drastic digestive disorders and weight loss) "is directly related to technology of unknown orig

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