Center for Public Integrity Wins Two Sigma Delta Chi Awards
Center for Public Integrity Wins Two Sigma Delta Chi Awards
Fri Apr 22, 2005 18:54


April 22, 2005

News Release -

Center for Public Integrity Wins Two Sigma Delta Chi Awards

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2005 � Two projects of the Center for Public Integrity have won 2004 Sigma Delta Chi awards, presented by the Society of Professional Journalists to recognize the best examples of quality journalism.
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The Center's "Personal Politics" project won the award for Public Service in Online Journalism. The in-depth study of the gas and oil industry, "The Politics of Oil," won for Online Investigative Journalism.

In announcing the awards, Irwin Gratz, president of the Society of Professional Journalists, said, "Improving journalism takes more than criticizing bad practice. It also means exalting fine work. That's what these Sigma Delta Chi Awards are all about: a celebration of quality journalism."

"This is the fourth consecutive year that the Center has won the public service award and it is extremely gratifying to have the recognition by SPJ for this special type of reporting," said Roberta Baskin, executive director of the Center. "We are also thrilled to win the prestigious award for investigative reporting, which is the heart and soul of our work here."

The Center's "Personal Politics" project was an investigation of the outside interests disclosed by state legislators in all 50 states. The report showed, for example, that more than 28 percent of state legislators who reported their finances sat on a committee with authority over at least one of their personal interests.

Staff contributing to this report were Leah Rush, David Dagan, Susie Schaab and Daniel Lathrop. Support for the project was provided by the Joyce Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

"The Politics of Oil: How one of the world's richest industries influences government and policy," revealed how the international oil industry spent $440 million over the last six years on politicians and lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

SPJ judges commented about "The Politics of Oil" that the Center did a "fabulous job taking a complex story and making it readable. Given the hurdles reporters had to leap, it was a clear winner. Excellent writing allowed the details to sink in and make a strong case for the importance of the series."

Staff contributing to this report were Bob Williams, Kevin Bogardus, Laura Peterson, Paul Radu, Daniel Lathrop, Teo Furtado, Aron Pilhofer and Alex Cohen. It was funded by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation.

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