All the lies government want you know.

Kat Hak Sung
All the lies government want you know.
Sat Apr 23, 2005 16:02

When media beat the drum to propaganda on something, that's something they want you believe. Just like they flame your feeling by "WMD", "terrorist attack".

Moussaoui was jailed more than three years. He must have had many confessions. He had denied connection to 911. Why now he pleaded guilty? It's the confession which fits the demand of government. They pick up one most favourable. That took three years.

911 was allowed to happen. Moussaoui was arrested before 911. And government said they don't know it in advance. When there are clues Pentagon was hit by a missle not a plane, and WTC collapsed not by the fire but internal explosion, government throw out Moussaoui to cover up everything. And they want public to believe it was done by Bin Laden.

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