OKC & 911

Mary Lou Nelson
OKC & 911
Wed Apr 21, 2004 18:46


By Mary Lou Nelson

It is assumed that the reader is aware that the official versions of the events of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 9/11 attacks are inconsistent with the facts. Ample information exposing these lies is available at Center for Cooperative Research and many other web sites. HTTP://WWW.cooperativeresearch.org/index.jsp

Both Oklahoma City and 9/11 were staged attacks. 9/11 facilitated a multitude of interests, such as United States militarism and the oil industry. The Oklahoma City Bombing did not facilitate other interests. Its actual motive remains an enigma. This article may help explain the motive for the Oklahoma City Bombing.

The common denominator of these attacks is the anti-money laundering legislation that resulted from the attacks. The legislation affected known methods and avenues for laundering money. The anti-money laundering legislation was officially intended to deny terrorists access to funds. The legislation affected the entire money laundering industry, where illegal money is turned into legitimate funds.

These anti-money laundering laws force the owners of illegal money to find other avenues to launder their money. What good are millions of “dirty” dollars that cannot be spent? The money launderers who operate these alternative methods would enjoy a monopolistic bonanza over the money laundering industry. This writer is personally aware that this group of money launderers was the driving force that initiated the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11.

The terrorist attacks had nothing to do with money laundering. Both the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 were within the budgets of the groups accused of the attacks. Neither attack would have been prevented by anti-money laundering legislation. This writer knows, from personal contact with perpetrators of money laundering schemes, that the attacks were created to engender the related anti-money laundering laws.

Billions of illegal dollars require money laundering every year. The sources include drug smuggling, embezzlement and snuff films. Snuff films are films of actual murders and suicides.

The money laundering operators, who are attempting to control the market, use a method that is almost a complete secret. This money laundering system involves a vast network of corruption. The secret money laundering system, and its accompanying network of corruption, has been publicized by former Texas Assistant Attorney General Eric Moebius.*

This money laundering system operates through the contingency reserve accounts of mutual insurance companies. These contingency reserves are required for outstanding liability and potentially large health insurance claims. Illegal money is transferred into these accounts through money orders and other means. It is electronically transferred out as legal dollars.

United States mutual insurance companies are solely regulated by State Insurance Commissions. The Insurance Commissioners are concerned only with the insurance companies’ ability to pay claims, not the source of funds.

*This quote from an interview with Eric Moebius. That interview was available at www.WorldWideNewslink.com. The interview is no longer available on the Internet. The writer, Mack White, is deceased.

Moebius explains that insurance companies keep a certain amount of money in reserve for catastrophic death claims. Normally, if there is no such claim, this money is rebated at the end of year to the policy holders. But, in a reserve fraud scheme, the insurance company, in collusion with other parties, intentionally creates a catastrophic death claim. The rightful recipient of the claim, however, never sees the money; without their knowledge, the person is "separated" from the claim, with the money instead going elsewhere to be laundered. In this way, a few million dollars can be turned into many more millions of dollars hence the high profit motive for those participating in reserve fraud. ...

Moebius says it was at first hard to understand how third parties could launder or move funds from one account to another through Mrs. Garcia's claims, all without her knowledge or permission. "Because the account to account transfer was accomplished through the covert and unauthorized use of Mrs. Garcia's personal injury claims," he says, "the account to account transfer was a non-taxable transfer. This one aspect--the fact that the account to account transfer was non-taxable and done through the agency of an attorney--is unique to personal injury and wrongful death claims and makes such transfers ideal for money laundering."

This interview is available at www.texas-justice.com , in the "Other Documents" section.

The Bar, Insurance Fraud and Murder

By Erik Moebius

Editor's Note: This next article is an amalgam of comments made on a radio

program (the "Christian-Patriot Connection", KPBC-770 AM, Dallas, Texas in

which I and Michael Ellis interviewed attorneys Erik Moebius, David Parker,

and Nick Milum) and a 207-page article written by Erik Moebius. The complete

text of the radio interview and Mr. Moebius' article can be read or downloaded

from the "News" sub-section from the AntiShyster Internet webb site located at

"www.antishyster.com". Although I've edited and reorganized this article, Mr.

Moebius is the principal source of virtually all of the comments and is

therefore credited as its author.

Erik Moebius has been a lawyer for fifteen years and served for five years as

a Texas Assistant Attorney General. The man is credible; his story is too

fantastic to be fictional. Although I believe his allegations are essentially

true, I don't know them to be precisely accurate. Therefore, this article is

presented only to provide the reader with an opportunity to consider Mr.

Moebius' extraordinary public allegations. However, as another journalist

pointed out, if just 10% of Mr. Moebius' allegations are true, they deserve a

very serious investigation. In fact, if all of his allegations are true, they

will cause a fire storm of public anger, investigation, criminal indictments,

and perhaps a massive reform of the courts and insurance industry.

Mr. Moebius' allegations are complex. Read them anyway -- they are important.

I guarantee this article offers some unimaginably chilling insights imaginable

into the underbelly of our legal system and the insurance business.

According to Mr. Moebius, "reserve fraud" depends on several elements:

"1) Unlike conventional insurance companies, mutual insurance companies have

policy-holders but no public stockholders. Therefore, mutual insurance

companies are not subject to the rules, oversight, or investigations of the

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

2) When an injured party files a claim against a mutual insurance company, the

amount of money that might be paid on the claim is removed from the insurance

company's profit account and placed in their "reserve account" until the claim

is settled. At any given time, a reserve account can contain millions of

dollars. If the money is paid to the claimant, it is deducted from the reserve

account as an untaxed business expense. If the claim is denied, the money is

taken from the reserve account and restored to the profit account.

3) At the end of the year, mutual insurance companies pays taxes on whatever

money is left in their profit accounts, and return the balance to their policy

holders in the form of reduced premiums or cash rebates. Although a particular

company may have generated millions of dollars in profits, those profits are

not generally available to the company's owners and executives. Being denied

easy access to millions of dollars in profits can make some owners and

executives jealous, frustrated, and greedy.

4) Money paid out for insurance claims is reported as legitimate business

deductions by insurance companies to State and federal taxing authorities.

However, because money won in court is not taxable -- there is also no tax

reporting requirement for the recipient of those funds.

A criminal opportunity is created because insurance money paid out is reported

but insurance money received is not reported, and because there is minimum

public oversight for mutual insurance companies.

Mr. Moebius alleges that coalitions of lawyers, judges, and mutual insurance

company executives have devised a scheme to extort enormous sums of money from

the insurance company "reserve funds" by 1) finding -- or causing --

catastrophic accidents (often involving the deaths of children); 2)

"separating" the plaintiffs from their legitimate claim against the mutual

insurance company,; and 3) secretly processing the claim and dividing the

proceeds among the conspirators without paying one dime to the legitimate


The "genius" of this reserve fraud scheme is that just one or two catastrophic

accidents per year are enough to extort tens of millions of dollars that

should legally go to the IRS as taxes and the policy-holders as rebates.

Further, if enough money is extorted, the insurance company may be able to

report a loss for the year and justify raising its insurance premiums and

thereby generating an even larger sum of money to be extorted in the next


Since Mr. Moebius started making these allegations, the State Bar of Texas has

reportedly tried to disbar him twelve times. Failing to disbar him, a judge

has recently "enjoined" him from practicing law (he's still licensed, but

can't practice law without being jailed for contempt). He has been fined

$175,000 -- nine times more than any other attorney he can find -- for

attempting to expose his allegations. Various elements of the Texas government

have repeatedly tried to arrest Mr. Moebius and he is in fear for his life --

especially if he is jailed."

End of Eric Moebius interview.


by Mack White

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