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A Constitution for the Newstates of America
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Committee to Restore the Constitution
The Silent Revolution of Federal Regionalism - A Solution
Part 9
A Constitution for the Newstates of America

A CONSTITUTION FOR THE NEWSTATES OF AMERICA, from the book, THE EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell, published 1974 (Harper & Row: $20.00) illustrates with chilling clarity the final objective of regional governance conspirators. The goal is a corporate state concentrating economic, political and social powers in the hands of a ruling elite. "A Constitution for the Newstates of America", is the fortieth version of this revolutionary document prepared by a team of social experimenters at the CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS, Fund for the Republic (Ford Foundation), Post Office Box 4068, Santa Barbara, California 93103.

The Center, its first objective accomplished, has appointed socialist-oriented University of Denver Chancellor Maurice B. Mitchell as its new head and may merge with the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, a Colorado-based world government policy promotion agency.

Aspen Institute Chairman is Robert O. Anderson, chief executive officer, Atlantic Richfield Company; member, Committee for Economic Development (laid ground work for regional government), and advisory board member, Institute for International Education. Anderson is the principal figure in campaign aimed at seizing control of the National Rifle Association.

The Constitutional Convention Technique

Constitutional Convention is the procedure of choice for removing the annoyance of the United States Constitution and erecting in its stead the Newstates Constitution as the 'Law of the Land'. The Bicentennial Celebration provided the first test for this plan for merging the United States with the "New World Order".

On 14 January, 1975 the United States Congress set the Constitutional Convention plot in motion with House Concurrent Resolution No. 28, introduced by Mr. Pettis, Republican legislator from California:

WHEREAS, two-thirds of the several States have, during the past twenty years, applied to Congress under Article V of the Constitution of the United States for a convention for proposing amendments to such Constitution: NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

(The Senate Concurring), that a convention shall be convened for the purpose of proposing amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

SECTION 2. The Convention shall be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

SECTION 3. Each State shall be entitled to send delegates.

SECTION 4. Proceedings of the convention shall be conducted n accordance with such rules as the convention may adopt.

SECTION 5. Not later than July 4, 1976, or not later than the date which is three months after the date on which the convention is convened, whichever is the later, the convention shall transmit to the Congress (Amendments) for ratification for submission to the States.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE (Nelson Rockefeller) and the speaker of the House of Representatives (Carl Alberts) shall make all necessary arrangements for the convening of the convention.

Skillful manipulation of public emotion to justify and authenticate the Constitutional Convention quickly followed.

On 28 September 1975 the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia announced a five part Bicentennial Program centering on a 'declaration of interdependence'. A first step in a thirteen-year program, said the Council, is the need to deal with the reality of global interdependence.

Also featured: A convocation of the World Court of the United Nations in Philadelphia; An 'interdependence curriculum' for schools; Congressional ceremonies and adoption of a Declaration of Interdependence, and 'interdependence assemblies' by organizations having a broad input into the determination of America's global relationships.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, a newspaper controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, announced on 14 March 1976 plans for a "national critical appraisal of the American Constitution". Congressmen, professors, judges, historians and sociologists attended the conference, 5-8 April, to examine the origins of the Constitution, its influence on American life and its adequacy to meet the needs of modern American Society.

The clear mission was to publicly demean the United States Constitution by a panel of 'experts' thus creating a propaganda climate favoring adoption of the Newstates Constitution.

Orchestrated by Nelson Rockefeller and sponsored by the American Academy of Political and Social Science, the conference included twenty university professors, a dozen lawyers and judges, senators, congressmen and business executives. Among those attending were William T. Coleman, Secretary of Transportation; Hedley Donovan, Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc., and leaders of such organizations as the League of Women Voters, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Auto Workers, the National Urban League, the National Council of Churches and Common Cause.

Also represented were the Center for the Study of Federalism at Temple University; the Center of International Studies at Princeton University; the Center for Social and Policy Studies at Swarthmore College; the Center for the Study of the Presidency; the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Colorado; the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara, California.

Visible collusion of the United States Congress with world government organizations created a public backlash which doomed the grandiose Fourth of July Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Though several important intermediate goals were achieved the main thrust was defeated. Arrogance was the seed of its undoing.

Abandoning plan one the conspirators moved directly to the respective state legislatures and, operating behind a screen of 'conservative' organizations, introduced resolutions memorializing Congress to call a Constitutional Convention.

Well-meaning but ill-informed patriotic groups, exploited by socialist change artists using various emotion-evoking amendments and factional issues as bait, are trapped in the Constitutional Convention plot. Some believe that such a Constitutional Convention can be limited in scope to a particular issue: i.e.; tax relief, right to life, gun control, or other causes. In actual fact, the options open to a Constitutional Convention, particularly one dominated by the Rockefeller dynasty and State delegates chosen on the basis of their regional governance allegiance, are endless.

Voiding the Constitution of the United States and adoption of the Newstates Constitution, " meet the needs of modern American society", is the real objective of those who promote a Constitutional Convention - whatever surface purposes are declared.


Review by Dr. Peter David Beter, political economist, author and lecturer (deceased).

In 1964, the writing of a new constitution for America began, at a tax-exempt foundation with the misleading name, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

The people who took it upon themselves to write this new constitution on our behalf were, of course, not elected representatives, or in any other way our representatives. As a tax-exempt foundation, they were able to do political work on what amounts to a subsidy taken from your taxes, but you and I were never asked if we wanted a new constitution written. Indeed, only a very tiny fraction of the people in the United States even know that it exists: it has been made known to practically no one except a select category of influential people whose views and interest generally coincide with those of the people who wrote it. The American people as a whole are still in the dark about it, and this situation is deliberate. It is therefore truly a "secret" constitution.

This model constitution took ten years to write, drawing upon the efforts of more than 100 people. A preliminary version was published in 1970 and given exposure in limited circles. But, in 1974, an essentially final version was quietly published in a book entitled THE EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell (Harper & Row, $20), the man who directed the formulation of the new constitution. It is the fortieth draft. During most of the time that their constitution was being written, the Center for Study of Democratic Institutions was lavishly funded to the tune of $2,500,000 annually.


Certain powerful forces hope to celebrate our nation's Bicentennial in 1976 by replacing the freedoms guaranteed in our present Constitution with their own dictatorship - a cleverly disguised dictatorship. It has been made to superficially resemble the government that we have now, so that we will not recognize it for what it is - until too late. They are using every propaganda trick at their command to make us lower our guard. And they are about to put us all in a condition of economic desperation to persuade us to accept their cleverly disguised dictatorship.

Our U.S. Constitution, according to the Preamble, is intended to provide for justice, domestic tranquillity, common defense and general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty not only to ourselves, but to our posterity These were the goals that shaped our Constitution. And this is the Constitution that enabled America to become a great nation of free people.


The Newstates of America Constitution has a Preamble, too - it mentions not one of the objectives of our present Constitution. Instead of "justice and domestic tranquillity", the new constitution seeks only "good order" without defining what that means. The very first words are "So that we may join in common endeavors" - and the body of the new constitution makes it clear that this means an end to individual endeavors. Their new constitution is expressly states to be good only for a prescribed period of 25 years: our posterity is left to fend for itself. No reference is made in the Preamble to our defense or general welfare. Worst of all: the matter of liberty - so central to our present Constitution - is totally ignored in the Preamble of the new one, which seeks only, "an adequate and self-repairing government". The emphasis throughout their new constitution is on the government - not on the people. "Adequate" turns out to mean: too powerful to be challenged. And "self-repairing" means that the laws and governmental structures can be continually changed and shifted to permit anything our rulers wish to do.

Before I explore some of the details of their secret new constitution, let me give you a bird's-eye view: Article I is divided into two parts defining "Rights" and "Responsibilities." It turns out that some of our present rights disappear outright, and practically all of the rest become conditional and fragile, able to be terminated on the whim of the government. The responsibilities, however, which are obligations of the citizen to the government, are absolute and unconditional.


Article II defines what are called the "Newstates". The 50 states we have now become 10 in number. It is no accident that our federal government for the past several years has managed its outlying activities through ten federal regions. These 10 new states will be completely subservient to the federal government and creatures of it.

Articles III through VIII of their new constitution define the independent branches of government and their powers and duties. Under our present Constitution, the federal government is divided into three co-equal branches - the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. They were carefully set up according to a system of checks and balances in order to protect our freedoms from arbitrary government. But under their new constitution, there would not be three, but six branches, so structured that our present system of checks and balances are totally destroyed.

The counterparts of our present three branches will be greatly changed, and would be joined by a Regulatory Branch, to control our everyday affairs; a Planning Branch, to plan our nation's economy; and, an Electoral Branch to oversee, monitor, finance, and regulate all elections throughout the country.

Article XI provides new procedures for constitutional amendment which are totally different from and more dangerous than those which now exist.

Finally, Article XII provides for transition from our present representative and republican form of government to the new, cleverly disguised dictatorship under their new constitution.

Every word of their new constitution has been chosen carefully and for a purpose. Its basic nature and provisions are very revealing.


First, consider the matter of individual citizens' right. One right which is under powerful attack right now, and which disappears in the new constitution, is THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Instead, "The bearing of arms or the possession of lethal weapons shall be confined to the police, members of the armed forces, and those licensed under law". Regardless of what you may think about the ins and outs of the controversial "Gun Control" issue, you should be aware of the historical fact that disarming of the populace is always a part of any totalitarian scheme.

Another right which disappears is that of trial by jury. Instead, as defined in Article VIII on the Judicial Branch, a presiding judge may decide whether a trial is to be of the investigatory or adversary type. An investigatory trial is the type used, for example, in the Soviet Union, you are presumed guilty, and must prove your innocence before a panel of judges. If an adversary trial there is to be a jury, and how many jurors there shall be. There's no provision to prevent your jury, if any, from being a jury of one who as easily as not, could be you bitter enemy.

As for how you might wind up in court in the first place, the section on "Rights" provides that "Searches and seizures shall be made only on judicial warrant." That sounds reassuring, until you discover that nowhere is the new constitution are there any criteria given for the issuance of judicial warrant. In other words, it could be completely arbitrary.

The practice of religion is said to be "privileged". That is not the same as freedom of religion, legally. A right is something which cannot be revoked. A privilege, however, is something you hold only at the pleasure of the government, which can revoke it at will.


Or consider the matter of property rights. Their new constitution states "No property shall be taken without compensation". But it does not say "just" compensation. The omission of that little word "just" - after 40 drafts - cannot be accidental. It would leave the government to seize your house, give you $1.00, and say "we gave you compensation".

The preoccupation with declared emergency is prominent with respect to rights. In Article VI of their new constitution, the reasons and procedures for declaration of emergency are prescribed. Among other things, it states that emergency can be declared for no better reason than "if an extra-ordinary advantage be anticipated". It does not say, advantage to whom, but obviously it means advantage to the government.

With this in mind, observe that Article I of their constitution says that freedom of expression, of communication, of movement, of assembly, and of petition are abridged in declared emergency. Peaceful public gatherings to discuss public issues may also be interrupted or denied. Writs of habeas corpus are also suspended in declared emergency, which means you could be locked up and held indefinitely without the preferring of charges.


With respect to the so-called "Responsibilities" defined in their new constitution, the potential dangers tend to be a more subtle: "Each citizen SHALL participate in the processes of democracy, assisting in

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