Statement by U.S. Border Patrol on their website:
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Statement by U.S. Border Patrol on their website:


Presidente Fox, HELP!: Will you please order your subordinate, George Bush, to get our borders under control? Bush won't listen to the American people, he defies the will of 70 to 80% of us, but you have some obvious power over him. Can you help us out here pal? Maybe order him to hire a few more Border Patrol agents and some equipment so we can patrol the borders? Get him to buy us a few patrol vehicles so we don't have to drive worn out junk with over 150,000 or 200,000 miles on the odometer? Maybe even get him to quit enticing millions more of your countrymen to come over here illegally by throwing endless amnesty proposals out there and telling us we shouldn't be chasing them in the first place because they're just good-hearted people coming here to take jobs we won't do? Maybe get a two-way radio system that actually works? We have a somewhat selfish motive for asking Presidente Fox. You see, at the rate Mr. Bush is cutting our budget, cutting our new hires, cutting our employment rights, depriving us of equipment, demoralizing our workforce with dumb statements, and cutting our pay, we believe that soon these "good hearted illegal aliens" he so desperately wants here may in fact really be doing a job soon that no American will want to do. The job of a Border Patrol agent! We believe he may really have a pent-up and sincere desire to have the "fox" guarding the henhouse. We need some help here buddy. Please!!! Can you help save our jobs?


MINUTEMAN PROJECT: We want to make it clear because we've had a lot of questions about this.....we have not had one single complaint from a rank-and-file agent in this Sector about the Minutemen. Every report we've received indicates these people are very supportive of the rank-and-file agents, they're courteous, many of them are retired firefighters, cops, and other professionals, and they're not causing us any problems whatsoever. Reports of them causing "ground sensors" to go off are exaggerated because most of those are being set off by the ACLU sneaking around trying to find the Minutemen doing something wrong. The Minutemen have succeeded in shifting the bulk of the illegal alien traffic out of the Naco corridor. If only President Bush were so supportive of the rank-and-file agents. While President Bush hangs out thousands of miles away in the White House, these people are willing to give up their time and energy to actually do something. While President Bush entices millions of illegal aliens to keep coming with his amnesty proposals and his demoralizing statements that he doesn't want Border Patrol agents chasing "good-hearted people just coming here to take jobs Americans won't do" the Minutemen are trying to get our laws enforced. The Minutemen have made it very clear that they fully support rank-and-file Border Patrol agents. If only we had such support from the politicians we have to work for (aren't we really supposed to be working for the citizens of this country anyway?)!

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: You Can Now Be Detailed Away From Your Family indefinitely. Notice how everything they talk about and the reason for continuing to strip your employment rights is "TERRORISM", yet our borders remain wide open to TERRORISTS because our President kowtows to illegal aliens and refuses to shut our borders down. The good news just keeps coming folks. Read about their continued assault on your employment rights here. 4-14-05

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"I'm not even mad at the immigrants, I'm mad at the (U.S. and Mexican) governments, both of them," said Tim Donnelly, a 38-year-old plastics supplier and father of five from Twin Peaks, Calif. "They've got to seal the border and get serious about it. And I want them to crack down on employers who are tax cheats. You've got big business exploiting people," he said. "I see these people as economic refugees, not as criminals."

Greg Sheehan, 43, of Altoona, Pa., said the idea that employers can't find Americans to do certain jobs is bogus. As the owner of two hotels, he said, "All my employees are native-born Americans. We do background checks."

Another participant, Yeh Ling-Ling of Oakland, a Vietnam-born woman of Chinese descent who came legally to the United States in 1980, said immigration of low-skilled workers is hurting the nation as it struggles with a trade deficit, overcrowded schools and budget woes. She is executive director of a group called the Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America.

"The U.S. is no longer what it used to be," she said. "American children are falling behind."

A 65-year-old government worker and retired Marine from Oceanside, Calif., who asked to be identified only by his first name, Len, said he is concerned that a lack of sufficient patrolling and barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border is an invitation to terrorists.

"Why are American forces defending the borders of Iraq and not the borders of the U.S.?" he asked. "There's a bigger threat to our security through the southern border in terms of a direct attack on our infrastructure than from Syria or Lebanon. It just hasn't materialized yet."

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